Life and death are our only guarantees in this lifetime. When we enter this world, we are already dying. Since no one has returned from the grave to report what happens after death, we are left with our faith in a higher being. But every so often, we see a picture or video that makes us wonder about what happens to us after we die.Earlier in the week, a driver named Saul Vazquez came upon a crash scene while driving through Powell County, Kentucky.

Was a dead biker's spirit really captured?

A motorcyclist had crashed his bike and was near death. Vazquez snapped a picture of the police officers surrounding the victim.

After viewing the picture, Vazquez noticed a strange mist rising above an officer at the scene.The biker didn’t survive his injuries and died at the hospital. In the picture, a strange mist resembling a person is visible. Some think it was the biker’s spirit leaving his body. But if he died at the hospital, does this mean his spirit left before his body died? Vazquez posted the picture on Facebook which has since gone viral. Vazquez said he didn’t alter the image. Regardless, the picture is fascinating. Viewer comments on Facebook are split on whether it’s supernatural or something else.

Websites like the Daily Mail have published other pictures of spirits captured on film. For instance, many people have taken pictures at battle scenes like Gettysburg and Little Big Horn.

Many of the photographs captured images of deceased soldiers. Even if the picture of the deceased biker isn’t supernatural, it’s impossible to denounce every picture with a ghostly image. Hundreds of photographs and witnesses have testified to witnessing paranormal activity.

The women of Raynham Hall and Greencastle, Indiana

Two of the more famous ghost photographs are “The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall” and “The Pink Lady of Greencastle.” In 1936, the image of a ghost woman appeared in Country Life Magazine. The picture was taken in Norfolk, England and believed to be the ghost of Dorothy Walpole, who married Charles Townshend, lord of Raynham Hall.Legend has it that Townsend locked her away in a room inside Raynham Hall after he had learned she had an affair.

Walpole lived in the room until she died. It’s even said that Townsend falsely told acquaintances that his wife had died. No one learned that Townsend had locked her up like a prisoner.

The Pink lady of Greencastle is allegedly the ghost of Irene O’Hare, a woman who once lived in a former Greencastle, Indiana mansion. Regrettably, no one knows that much about her or if she experienced any misfortunes that would keep her spirit around. And if you are a ghost hunter, you won’t find the mansion because it was torn down and replaced with a cornfield.