Gaurav Tiwari was a licensed airline pilot, but his love for the superrnatural made him give up his flying career and try and unravel the mystery of paranormal phenomena.Gaurav had trained as a pilot in the USA, but returned home to India. Gaurav was a highly respected man in the field of paranormal research. He had just gotten married a few months back but had been telling his wife that he was feeling some invisible force which was trying to drag him. He also informed his wife that he was fighting this force, but he was failing. His comments were not taken seriously.

One fine day on 7 July of this year, Gaurav was found dead in the bathroom at 11 am. His death was a shock and initially the poilce had claimed it could be a suicide, but his father and wife claim that Gaurav was an extremely normal and sane person and thus the mysery of his death does show that some super forces are acting in the universe about which man knows very little.

Gaurav and the paranormal

Gaurav gave up flying to delve into the world of the supernatural. He started by visiting over 6,000 haunted houses and sites. He traveled far and wide to study paranormal phenomena, and his main focus was on the dead and life after death. He set up the Indian Paranormal Society and was totally engrossed in the study of supernatural matters.

Gaurav was also a well known face on TV and radio shows. He was the main star of shows like Haunted Weekends with starlet Sunny Leone and also in the program Girls Night Out on MTV. His wife has mentioned that about a month back Gaurav confessed to his wife that a negative force was enveloping him and he was finding it difficult to fight it.

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Not much stress was laid by the wife on this comment by Gaurav and then he died mysteriously in the bathroom.

The world beyond

Gaurav was a healthy man who had an interest in the paranormal. In America also there are many persons who are interested in the paranormal. Many persons also developed psychic powers like Peter Hurkos.

The case, however, needs some scrutiny and the police may close the case but obviously something uncanny did happen. Indian ancient books talk of a supernatural world and perhaps Gaurav (by delving too deep into it) upset the equilibrium and paid the supreme price. However, all this is conjecture and the real resom may be very simple.