After a defeat in last week's New York primary election, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was mathematically eliminated from being able to secure the Republican nomination before the convention in July. Cruz, along with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, can only hope they can prevent front runner Donald Trump from locking up the nomination.

Bribery allegations

Ever since the start of the Republican primary, the Cruz campaign has found themselves hit with various claims of illegal activity. Whether it's sending questionable mailers made to look like official government information to potential voters, to the senator's "birther" lawsuits, Cruz and his campaign have been in and out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

During the April 24 edition of CNN's State of the Union, Donald Trump Jr. accused Cruz of potentially bribing delegates in order to win the party's nomination.

"Ted Cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates," Trump Jr. told CNN, stating, "That's his game at this point." Continuing, Trump Jr. ripped the senator from the Lone Star State, saying that he is just "not an appealing candidate" in a general election.

In regards to the delegate process, Trump Jr. said his father could bribe delegates like Cruz plans to, but insisted "that's not the way this country should be run." "He (Donald Trump) could send his private plane and send them down to Doral, they could play golf for a week and then we win that delegate."

History of trouble

Earlier this week, the Trump campaign accused Cruz of staging an "attack" in Georgia, as a way to intimidate delegates that have pledged to the billionaire real estate mogul, to switch their allegiance ."Private backroom nominations committees producing 'recommended' slates, county delegations voting in blocs, floor motions made targeting our supporters," Trump's national delegate director, Brian Jacks, told Breitbart.

In addition, Trump predicted a major lawsuit would be filed by the Democratic party over Cruz's Canadian birth if he became the GOP nominee.

Primary status

Cruz currently sits with just 559 delegates, and with Kasich's 148, neither candidate can become the nominee outright. With Trump leading the way with 845 delegates, many party leaders are hoping that Cruz and Kasich can help the "Never Trump" movement become successful and force a brokered or contested convention this summer.