Five men have raped a woman in New York after forcing her father to flee the scene. The woman, 18 years old, was with her father on Thursday at the Brooklyn Park, around 9 pm,. where they encountered agroup of men.

According to reports made on Sunday the father was forced to leave the scene at gunpoint. After he left the men took turns raping the young woman, according to the police. The five men fled once the father came back with two officers.

Another report claims that the father told the police that the suspect who held the gun said “Get the f--- out of here.” The father, feeling helpless, fled the scene to get help.

The police have a surveillance videotaken in a nearby bodega that shows five men who they suspect to be the rapists. The video shows five young black men laughing inside the store; they are described as having been wearing jackets and sweaters.

One suspect is believed to be at least 20 to 30 years of age. That same suspect was wearing a red jacket, which was the samestyle of garmentdescribed by the father of the rape victim. The man with the red jacket was also believed to be the one who threatened the father with the gun.

As for the young woman no information was released about her besides the fact that she was treated at a nearby hospital. The police have asked for help from the public to identify the five men in the video.

The five suspects were still on the loose on Saturday as the police tried to find them using the surveillance video and images taken from it. As police went around the neighborhood in hopes to ID the suspects the crime has brought a rude awakening to the area.

Many people from the neighborhood, after learning of the horrifying event, are now on alert for themselves.

Many residents have claimed that they will be looking over their shoulders.

Other residents have told the press that they will have their teenage children try to avoid the park in Brooklyn where the rape occurred. This park is known to be pitch black at night with no lampposts.