NASA has always searched for life on other worlds besides the Earth, and now NASA has been able to confirm the solid evidence that liquid water on Mars flows on the Red planet’s surface during certain kinds of circumstances. The study shows that there is some sort of water right at the surface of Mars.

Without water there can’t be life, so says scientists, and this discovery of water on Mars makes it more likely that there could be life on this foreign world. The evidence of water on Mars comes in part from photos showing the flow area of water, as well as the presence of hydrated salt minerals in those lines, according to the scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia, that worked on the study of the planet.

Image Study Proves Existence of Mars Water

The confirmation of Mars water was proven by using the imagery that was downloaded from the Mars Reconnaissance Rover. It showed that the dark streaks that show up on its surface seasonally are due to salt water. This showed the scientists that Mars has a water cycle every year.

Additionally, some of the soil that was sampled had moisture in it from existing water. The salt evidence wasn’t found in the terrain around the area anywhere else, and is believed to be left over from the water that flowed over that region and came down over the hills or possibly the rims of craters. This showed them that with water on Mars there could be life under the surface.

Water on Mars Means That Life is Indeed Possible

With this vital discovery of water on the Red planet, it means that life on Mars is extremely possible, according to scientists studying the possibility of life on other planets. The fact that water has been located is very exciting for NASA, as well as other scientists involved in this study.

Now, NASA, along with the European space station are looking for sources of water on some of the asteroids near Mars to aid in getting some support to do more exploration. Water can help battle the exorbitant cost of providing water for astronauts who might go on one of those future exploration trips to Mars.

Now that water on Mars has been confirmed, there is a need to go there to collect rocks and soil and analyze it, and this is planned in 2020 when a lander from the United States is scheduled to head to the Red planet.