The eyes of the world are on the U.N.’s Climate change conference. It is the COP26, and its venue is in Glasgow. Queen Elizabeth II was keen to attend it, but she received medical advice to rest. That was because of her recent hospital stay. The Queen is worried about inaction on climate change, and Buckingham Palace said she would deliver a recorded video address. Anyway, other members of the British royalty will be present. They usually avoid emphatic public pronouncements. However, climate change is an issue that the world cannot ignore. Even the royal family has expressed its concerns.

Three generations of the monarchy have descended on the scene to share their thoughts. Prince Charles, Prince William, and their wives would grace the occasion. They are celebrities, and their presence would make a difference and add to the star power.

Prominent world leaders to attend the climate conference

The climate conference would go on for two weeks. Among prominent world leaders attending the climate, the conference would be the U.S. President Joe Biden. He would have with him senior members of his Cabinet. Former U.S. President Barack Obama would also be present. Leaders hope to draw up ambitious emission reduction targets. They would also try to evolve strategies to extend protection to vulnerable areas and communities.

Prince William on climate change

COP26 will witness Royals rubbing shoulders with world leaders. Prince William, who took a leading part in tackling the evil of climate change. He set an example when he and Kate traveled by train to thank coronavirus heroes. In June, he announced the inaugural Earthshot Prize Awards in London.

It aims to identify technological or policy solutions to the effects of climate change. There is already the proposal of replacing fossil fuel with renewable energy. The idea of the awards is to encourage others to come up with new concepts. Incidentally, Prince William criticized billionaires like Sir Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk for pursuing space tourism.

He said their focus should have been climate change.

Prince Charles will deliver the opening address at the climate change summit

Prince Charles will deliver the opening address at the COP26 climate change summit. He had done it earlier at the COP21 summit in Paris in 2015. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will host the event in Glasgow. Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be there at a reception in the evening. One of the programs is the Great Green Wall session. Prince Charles will co-host it with French President Emmanuel Macron and Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. Prince William and Kate will join Prince Charles to host a reception for key members of his Sustainable Markets Initiative.

The winners and finalists from William’s environmental Earthshot Prize Awards will also be present. The involvement and patronage of the Royal family on the subject of climate change are positive signs.