The electric car is one of the solutions to check carbon emission and greenhouse gases that lead to not only air pollution but also to global warming. Britain is tackling this issue on a war footing and wants to make charge points for electric vehicles a mandatory fit for all homes that have such vehicles, Sky News reported.

An action of this nature will give a fillip to non-fossil fuel cars. Having a charger at home will make it easier to recharge the vehicles and dependency on conventional fuels will reduce. Apart from charge points on the roads, there will be innumerable new ones at home.

As Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says - "we want the UK to become the best country in the world in which to develop and manufacture zero-emission vehicles.”

Future of transportation is the electric car

It is necessary to have zero-emission vehicles to arrest not only air pollution but also to contribute to a world that will not be affected by global warming from fossil fuels. Sky News says “outdoor air pollution is contributing to around 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK.” In London, pollution can be attributed to vehicles on the road, home heating, and commercial activities. Therefore, the government plans to draw up strategies that will promote charge points for electric cars at suitable locations.

It will simultaneously formulate policies on the sale of new conventional vehicles from 2040.

The demand for this pollution-free mode of transport is on the rise. However, a study for motoring research charity the RAC Foundation has indicated that the growth could be limited by a shortage of public charging networks. This aspect must be addressed and a network must be created to enhance the appeal of these vehicles.

The majority of drivers believe an inadequate number of charging points is a reason to stay away from buying an electric vehicle.

UK is serious about electric cars

The government of Britain is facing criticism for its failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction of greenhouse gas emission is feasible. Britain had set a target of reducing this by at least 80 percent of 1990 levels by 2050, and this can be achieved by embracing alternatives like the electric car.

The 2015 Paris accord on climate change stressed on the need to encourage alternatives to fossil fuels and the electric car was an answer. Trump had taken the US out of the Paris climate agreement.

According to BBC, there are several proposals on the anvil to promote these vehicles and one of these is that new homes in suburban areas must have the provision of charge points. This will make it convenient for the owner as he can charge his vehicle before starting his journey. The objective of these measures is to reduce global warming and ensure a clean and healthy environment.