Fans of the royal couple are keen to know the fresh strategies that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have evolved for 2020. They are now in Canada where they spent Christmas with their son Archie. Earlier they were in America visiting Meghan’s family as a part of their six-week break from royal duties. The break was to help them reassess their future line of action because they had opened up about various issues associated with life as a royal. That was in a documentary on their tour of South Africa. It seems the Duchess admitted to the above. She had bonded well with the royal family in the beginning but good things seldom last a lifetime.

Express UK says there is speculation on how and where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would like to push forth their agenda. As a Royal expert explained to a media outlet – “they are presumably considering what future they would like as royals and how and where they will spend it.” They have several options before them. One is Los Angeles, the city in California where Meghan was born. Her mother Doria Ragland lives there. Another reason to have a base in America is Harry’s interest to work with Oprah Winfrey. It would be in a new TV series about mental health.

Other positives of America

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex want to promote their charity The Royal Foundation in a big way in the United States.

The Royal expert is of the opinion that an American base for their charitable foundation would help the cause and be beneficial. They could rely on support from Celebrities with whom they have close links like George Clooney and Serena Williams.

Express UK goes on to add that they might face long-term implications.

There could be concerns for their security apart from Archie’s schooling. A solution could be for Harry and Meghan to buy a house in the United States and use it as and when required.

Harry and Meghan are country-hopping

According to Romper, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on a country-hopping spree. They married in May 2018 and most of their holiday celebrations have been not just low-key affairs and unique, but also private.

Now, they have Archie with them and could celebrate New Year's eve wherever they want to. They are already vacationing and are keen to spend some time together as a family. The past two years, Harry and Meghan were a part of the royal family at Christmas but this year they are with their 8-month-old baby boy Archie in Canada. As one of their spokespersons informed a media outlet – “They are enjoying sharing the warmth of the Canadian people and the beauty of the landscape with their young son." This is borne out by witnesses who say the couple is probably in Vancouver Island enjoying the natural beauty. It remains to be seen what their New Year resolutions will be and how they would ring in 2020.