Tiger Woods is in his 40s and has proved that he is still a force to reckon with. Playing in the British Open at Carnoustie in Scotland, he put up a good fight. At one point it appeared as if he was on his way to add another feather in his cap. That remained a dream but, by his game, he has announced his return to form. He could catch up with Jack Nicklaus.

The USA Today reports that the Sunday belonged to Tiger Woods. He showed that he has not lost touch and proceeded to overtake his competitors with ease. The day was his, and there was an expectation that he would carry home the Claret Jug.

It did not end that way, but he has shown that he can still wield the golf club with confidence and make it count.

Golf and Tiger Woods are inseparable

The golfing career of Tiger Woods had been going downhill. He was in physical discomfort with a fused back, rebuilt knee and a patched-up heel. He had played with President Donald Trump, and most of his recent games in the Masters and the U.S. Open did not paint a good picture, and there were fears that his golfing days were numbered, but by his performance in Carnoustie, he has proved his critics wrong. It was his best finish at a major in the last five years. The way he played showed that it would be a matter of time before he can bag more titles.

Many of his well-wishers had written him off and presumed that possibilities of Woods overhauling the record of Jack Nicklaus was remote.

But, Tiger Woods has shown his power and determination, and anything can happen. In his words, golf is a game where it is not possible for anyone to make a comeback overnight. It will be a long process, but he is confident that he will regain his form and succeed.

After the game, he said - “I know that it's going to sting for a little bit here, but given where I was to where I'm at now, blessed.”

Woods has shown his mettle

At the 147th British Open in Carnoustie, the golf maestro was playing to win the 15th major championship of his career and, ultimately tied for sixth place.

He has passed through turbulent times and has faced many health issues but has come out a winner.

According to the New York Post, Tiger Woods has the ability to win some more major championships. However, he will have to tone up his muscles and reflexes and relearn a few things to take on younger rivals. He has already bagged 14 major championship victories and has been stuck at that figure for quite a while. There could be some more if he can develop a suitable strategy.