Tiger Woods' fifth Masters title was the successful end to a lone fight he was waging to prove that a champion will remain a champion. This win was a comeback for him after eight years which saw his marriage was on the rocks as he hit international headlines in 2009. That, coupled with his back injuries, made it difficult for him to maintain his supremacy. In 2017, he was still at a low point struggling with drug-related issues. The last time the golfing legend won a Masters was in 2005. It put him on course to be the world's first billion-dollar athlete.

Now, with his latest achievement, his earning potential will surely skyrocket, thanks to Nike sticking with him even through his troubled period.

Daily Mail UK reports the first major victory by 43-year-old Tiger Woods in 11 years earned an estimated $22.5 million for Nike. It was a gamble Nike had taken to stick by Woods throughout his lean period and they cashed in through advertising revenue. Their logos were visible at every conceivable vantage point right from his moment of glory to him sharing hugs with his family and girlfriend, Erica Herman.

Long journey for Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods had his first major win at the Masters at Augusta National golf Club in Georgia in 1997 and when he won it now in 2019, he was wearing his red Nike shirt.

He also hugged his son as his own father had hugged him in 1997. When he won his last Masters in 2005, he became the “world's first billion dollar athlete” and now the sky is his limit. The sporting apparel giant backed the legend throughout his career and their foresight has paid rich dividends. They had signed him when he turned pro in 1996 in a $40 million five-year deal and is believed to have signed a fresh $200 million contract with him in 2013.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add the reactions of President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. Tiger has played with both of them and both wished him well via Twitter.

Other sporting greats also paid their tributes including Wayne Rooney (football), Serena Williams (tennis), AP McCoy (a racing jockey), and Kobe Bryant (basketball). Interestingly, there were threats of a storm but the officials ensured that the games went ahead.

He fought against injuries

According to CNN, the fabulous win of Tiger Woods was something the world had never expected to see. It was the golfing legend’s first major win in 11 years and he had undergone spinal fusion surgery to wield the club like a master. He had to also to come to terms with his personal life that threatened to affect his golfing career. However, he won his fifth Masters title which puts him just three majors behind the all-time record of fellow American, Jack Nicklaus who has won six Masters. Moreover, both Woods and Nicklaus have won the Masters in three different decades.