The Beatles' iconic zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios saw a flurry of activities when Harry and Jon Bon Jovi arrived. It was in preparation for a song for the Invictus Games Foundation. The two of them sang a duet. Later, Bon Jovi heaped praises on Harry saying, “‘He was great. He knew the song and then he heard it a couple of times and we got to catch up.” Harry is back in the UK to take part in a few royal engagements before leaving the royal folds forever. He set up the Invictus Games to encourage disabled war veterans to come together through various sports events and display their abilities.

Harry was a fighter pilot and saw action in Afghanistan. Obviously, disabled war veterans hold a special place in his life. Incidentally, Harry brought Meghan Markle center stage for the first time during the 2017 games held in Toronto.

Daily Mail UK says Harry used the occasion to relive the memory of the Beatles. They had walked on the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios way back in 1969. Photographer Ian Macmillan snapped the photograph of the Fab Four walking on the crossing. Every year, thousands of music fans recreate the scene.

Harry and Bon Jovi did just that. Wheelchair-bound former serviceman Andy Mudd led the group, followed Bon Jovi and Harry. Police halted the traffic for a while to allow them to cross over as the press and the public watched.

Harry is back from Canada

Once known as the Duke of Sussex, he is now just plain Harry. He is back in the UK from Canada to attend a number of royal engagements.

These would probably be his last before he steps down from royal duties on March 31. Harry attended a conference on sustainable tourism and appeared to be very relaxed. Later, he met Bon Jovi for a re-recording of the 2019 Bon Jovi single “Unbroken.” It was with the Invictus Games Choir. The singer created the song to highlight the plight of veterans who live with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and honor their service.

His parents served in the US Marine Corps.

Daily Mail UK says Harry arrived in Britain from Canada by a commercial flight. He came to Edinburgh on an eco-friendly train from London accompanied by Scotland Yard bodyguards. Harry has faced criticism over his use of private jets while campaigning on issues pertaining to the environment. His latest flight to Britain is apparently the seventh this year.

The Invictus Games and Harry

According to CBS News, Harry chose to step back from his role as a senior royal. However, the Invictus Games he founded continues to remain close to his heart.

He met rock legend, Jon Bon Jovi, at Abbey Road Studios in London. It was a stopover on his farewell tour. The games were held for the first time in 2014 with multi-sport competitions. Personnel and veterans of the armed services, who suffered disabilities, took part.

Choir members who sang the song “Unbroken.” along with Bon Jovi agreed that the song was both powerful and personal. They also said Harry was an "inspiration" to them. As one of them said, "He's an ex-soldier. And he's still a massive part of our family. And he understands." Incidentally, Harry came alone and wife Meghan Markle will come on March 5 to attend one of her last official engagements. They have plans to make Canada their new home.

Meghan and Harry want freedom

The entry of Meghan Markle into the British royal family brought about many changes. It was a marriage of two cultures which had its share of ups and downs. Both Meghan and Harry wanted freedom and hated being always under the gaze of the media. It came to a head after the birth of their son Archie and they decided to step down from the role of a senior royal. They are now in Canada and Harry has announced that Dusseldorf will host the Invictus Games 2022. The pair wants to begin life anew, away from the pomp and glitter associated with the royalty.