Astronauts who work with NASA should be the best of the best. They will have to cater to the future needs of the world as it steps into space in search of new destinations for humanity. NASA has already set the pace with many firsts to its credit from the first man on the moon to the first-ever skylab better known as the International Space Station ISS. It has been imparting training to young men and women from different fields to serve as astronauts and are now hunting for talented individuals. The American space agency has become selective and has raised the bar.

The candidates must be American citizens and possess a basic degree in a branch that is relevant to space research. They should also hold a master’s degree. Their training will start by 2021 and some of the astronauts could join the Artemis Mission. This is the mission to the moon in 2024. Others could work on the ISS.

Express UK quotes NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine as saying, “We’re celebrating our 20th year of continuous presence aboard the International Space Station in low-Earth orbit this year, and we’re on the verge of sending the first woman and next man to the Moon by 2024.”

NASA's tentative plans for astronauts

The American space agency is on the lookout for talented persons.

Considering the huge response to earlier recruitments, NASA has decided to introduce an online assessment system. That will help to narrow down the list of hopefuls that could run into thousands if past trends are any indication. Artificial Intelligence and Renewable Energy have played a memorable role in efforts to explore the red planet.

There are already two solar-powered robots Curiosity and Insight active on Mars working 24/7. Obviously, these are areas that would get special attention because robots can work nonstop and deliver results based on their programs.

Express UK adds that NASA has its work cut out.

The new breed of astronauts could work aboard the International Space Station. There they can involve in experiments for the benefit of humanity and prepare the ground for more distant exploration. The space agency wants to return humans to the Moon in 2024, and establish sustainable lunar exploration by 2028. Such preparatory work is necessary for sending the first astronauts to land on Mars in the mid-2030s.

NASA hiring astronauts

According to Daily Mail UK, NASA is set to begin its 23rd class of astronauts in March. The space agency has a checkered past of 61 years and is planning for missions to the moon and Mars. Therefore, it needs to induct fresh blood into its setup. It has, accordingly, defined strict criteria for selection because they want to recruit the very best available in the market.

In 2017, NASA had received more than 18,000 applications. It wants to ensure that the figure this time would be more manageable. The selection procedure will ensure the quality of would-be astronauts. They must have the necessary confidence to tackle any issue on their own and have to innovate as and when required.

Astronauts will be pioneers

NASA sent the first astronaut to the moon more than half a century ago and plans to repeat the feat soon. Only, this time there would be a woman as well. This is the Artemis mission and a pet project of President Donald Trump. These men and women will not only be astronauts but also be pioneers in a new unknown world. They will have to begin life from scratch in a totally new environment.

Space agencies all over the world have their eyes on the hidden treasures in the form of natural resources on these planets. Each of them wants to be the first to colonize the moon and Mars and NASA is ahead of others in the race.