Age is just a number. That's the case of Diego, a certified 7-year-old mutt. He is a common combination of ridgeback, bully and boxer breeds. However, senior dogs like Diego are often overlooked in favor of young puppies. He has been living at the Misfits, Mutts, and Meows rescue site for the past five years. Fun, youthful and affectionate, he loves to share sloppy, wet kisses with humans. However, due to his sad history with other dogs, Diego prefers to be the only canine at home. He is an 85-pound big boy with a lot of love to give. November is 'National Adopt a Senior Pet Awareness' month, and we're hoping that Diego will soon find his forever home.

He is currently located in Crescent, Oklahoma.

Sloppy dog kisses

If you love sloppy dog kisses Diego is your dog. Have you ever wondered why dogs lick their humans? A dog’s olfactory system renders them sensitive to a range of scents. So, even if you have wiped your mouth after having a meal, your dog can still smell it and wants to taste it. Also, since dogs are very intuitive about their humans' emotions and feelings, their kisses might even be an attempt to reduce our stress level.

If sloppy, overpowering kisses aren't your thing, perhaps you would prefer a smaller, less playful dog instead. In particular, if you are prone to allergies such as breakouts on the skin when a dog licks you, it might not be a good idea to adopt him.

If you are not sure about allergies, your doctor can do either a skin test or a blood test that will detect allergen-specific IgE (Immunoglobulin E).

Diego's personality

Despite his age, Diego is still a pretty active guy and he is very playful and affectionate. "He really is a sweet boy and is fine around most dogs, but we just never know who will make him uncomfortable." wrote the Mifits, Mutts & Meows Animal Shelter.

He enjoys wrestling and playning fetch, and right after play time, he goes for a snooze on the couch. He is friendly with just about everyone, including kids.

Diego is a gentle giant, but adopters must bear in mind that he can unintentionally nudge smaller children to the ground just by being playful. If you have cats in your home, he'll get along with them just fine, because he also loves cats.

According to a post on Susie's Senior Dogs' Facebook page, Diego obeys commands and is always eager to please.

On the other hand, it would be best to find out if your children are prone dog allergies. Does your child have any illnesses or behavioral disorders that could make them more vulnerable to Diego's playful nudges? Do you need to make any changes or modifications to your home to ensure that your cats can feel safe in their territory if Diego gets too much for them to handle? These are the important questions to ask yourself.

A tragic past

Diego didn't have it very easy earlier in life. Reportedly, he was used as a bait dog when he was a puppy. Although he was rescued and placed in the shelter, he is very shy and uncertain around some dogs.

Therefore, it is vital that Diego’s new owner avoids interactions and encounters with other dogs, including walks and dog parks. Apart from that, he is well mannered and has no other issues. Despite his past, he has successfully passed several levels of dog training.

The ideal home and owner

Since he is very active, a home with ample yard space would be perfect for Diego. Even more ideal would be a family with responsible children, teens, and adults who can take turns in playing fetch with him, feeding and bathing him.

Likewise, if you are a senior, Diego could be the burst of energy that you need to keep you active and on your toes.

How to adopt him

There are several questions to ask yourself to determine if this canine is right for you.

If you think Diego would be the perfect addition to your family, you can find contact information on Susie's Senior Dogs' Facebook page. From there, you'll be able to get more information or to set up a meet & greet at the adoption event. Please be advised that you must be from the central Oklahoma area to be considered for adopting this lovable pooch.