On Tuesday, New York lawmakers did a good thing and passed a ban on cat declawing surgeries, with an exception in cases of medical necessity. This ban protects cats from having to undergo such surgeries for "cosmetic or aesthetic" reasons. Several cat owners have chosen to declaw their cats simply to prevent them from scratching their furniture and other surfaces, but finally, more and more people are beginning to see that it is actually doing more harm than good.

Brian Shapiro, the New York director of the Humane Society, told the New York Times that "declawing is a convenience surgery, with a very high complication rate, that offers no benefit to the cat." He added that it causes "an increase in biting and litter-box avoidance, which often results in the cat being surrendered to an animal shelter."

What is declawing?

Declawing, formally known as onychectomy, is a mutilating surgery that causes intense and prolonged pain for the cat.

For humans, it's just like severing a finger at the first knuckle. Ouch! From a cat's point of view, there is never any good reason to be declawed. Cats need their claws for hunting, stretching, climbing, leaving our scent and self-protection.

Cats deserve to live happy lives

Cats want to be happy too, just like any other pet. People must remember that if they're too concerned about their furniture and are not willing to cater to their cat's scratching needs, then it's obvious that they shouldn't own a cat. Cats deserve a stable life, a home filled with love and acceptance of their feline nature.

If a cat is not making you happy and you are not willing to provide for its needs, then it might be a better idea to find them a new and more loving home, instead of sentencing them to a life of misery, and in some cases, even death.

Cats are creatures of habit. They have claws and sharp teeth and they are territorial. These are the things that must be taken into consideration when having them in your home.

The passing of this ban would definitely be a step in the right direction. It shows that even in the midst of opposition, there are people who are willing to take a stand and ensure that cats also have a voice.

We need more people in more states, and even other countries, to be aware of the situation and take a stand against cat declawing.

The bill is awaiting the signature of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has said that he will review it. Once the bill becomes law, violators could face a $1000 fine. Feel free to comment your thoughts on the matter and thanks for reading!