Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg already has a huge fan following because she is trying to raise the awareness level of an important aspect like Climate change. There are critics but she is unmoved by criticism and as she joined a march through downtown Los Angeles she was overwhelmed by a huge crowd. Obviously, she has succeeded in influencing the youth. That is a major achievement because they are the ones who will be at the receiving end of the improper policies related to arresting the menace of fossil fuels, among others. While in the city, she delivered a short, powerful speech from the stage.

She was outspoken on the ill effects of irregular patterns of the climate and blamed it for the wildfires that have devastated the state. Her audience was all attention. It was not fan worship. The young people looked up to Greta as an inspiration. They felt teenagers had the power to make a real difference and force a change in the thinking of elders.

Sky News says Greta met Leonardo DiCaprio in California. He is not only an actor in Hollywood but also a fellow climate activist who supports the campaign. Leonardo took to Instagram to describe the work of the Swedish teenager. He wrote - “Greta Thunberg has become a leader of our time.”

It was more than hero worship

Those who had skipped school to stand outside the City Hall of Los Angeles were keen to speak up on the new global movement.

They wore Greta shirts and waved Greta banners. It was their challenge to the world at large. The leadership of California has a positive approach towards the environment, but it faces protests over its high levels of oil production, which is a fossil fuel. Renewable Energy could be an alternative. Greta Thunberg has been harping on issues of this nature during her tour of America.

Sky News points out that deniers keep criticizing her stand but she remains firm on her resolve.

She has been able to mobilize a section of youth who matter the most. They realize that it is about their futures because they will be around for a lot longer time than many. The fact is Greta has unleashed the genie of climate change, and the action is irreversible.

Leonardo DiCaprio supports Greta Thunberg

According to The Sun UK, it was in September Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio came out in support of Greta at a New York conference. The topic of climate change is close to his heart. He recently pledged $5 million towards combating the Amazon rain forest fires. The forest acts as the lungs of the planet. He now met teenage eco-warrior Greta Thunberg in California and was all praises for her fight.

He said the two of them have “made a commitment to support one another.” The schedule for the United Nations COP25 climate conference of world leaders was for December in Chile. However, the venue could shift to Madrid and Greta will have to revise her travel plans.

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