A section of the media keeps picking on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to heap criticism. The royal couple had recently gone on a vacation to Nice in France with their son Archie. They traveled by a private jet, which has not gone down well with their critics. They criticized them saying the action of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex went against the stand they have taken to protect the environment. Ellen DeGeneres, the talk show host, has spoken up in favor of Meghan and Harry. Ellen feels it is unfair for the media to demean the royal couple. She described them as “down-to-earth and compassionate” and mentioned their work related to wildlife conservation.

In her opinion, the two of them were trying to make the world a better place.

People reports about Sir Elton John who also raised his voice on this issue. He had performed at the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in May 2018. He clarified that the royal couple were his guests in Nice and he provided the plane. It was made carbon neutral, hence the question of harming the environment does not rise.

Meghan and Harry have more trips lined up

Sir Elton John took the press to the task. He talked about the stories that appeared in the media and said he was “deeply distressed by today’s distorted and malicious account in the press.” The famous singer reminded that Harry’s mother, Diana Princess of Wales was one of his closest friends.

Hence, he felt he had a responsibility to protect the prince and his family from unwanted intrusion into their private lives. He added that intrusions of this nature had led to the sudden death of Diana.

People adds that before their trip to Nice, they had been to Ibiza on the occasion of Meghan’s 38th birthday.

They have some more trips lined up in the calendar beginning with Balmoral Castle to spend time in the company of Queen Elizabeth and members of the royal family. Then will come the trip to Africa, which will be the first official visit of Archie overseas. Meghan and Harry have always wanted to break away from the shackles of royalty, want to live on their own terms, and should have the freedom to do so.

Sir Elton John sees nothing wrong

According to TMZ, Sir Elton John explains that he had invited the Royal couple to provide them a peaceful break. He was aware of the hectic year they had and arranged a private jet ride for security reasons. Since Prince Harry was committed to the environment, Sir Elton ensured the flight was carbon neutral. He did this by contributing to Carbon Footprint, a company that supports renewable energy. Obviously, he is livid about baseless accusations leveled against the duo of Meghan and Harry who are Celebrities. He wants these attacks to stop because they amount to character assassination.

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