All eyes are now on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. The royal couple would become parents in the next few days and would have to move to Africa to take on new roles related to promoting charity work in that country.

The pair is immensely popular and have attained “rock star” status, which would help the cause of the Commonwealth. Their missions would have international connections and would be short duration ones of two to three years.

Daily Mail UK reports that responsible persons have taken the decision.

One of them is the former British ambassador to the U.S. and the other is the Queen's former private secretary. Obviously, it has the blessings of Her Majesty. The tentative plan is for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to settle into their home in Frogmore Cottage with the baby while the final seal of approval is given. It could happen within the year and the country would most probably be Africa because it was in Botswana that Harry had taken Meghan to celebrate her 36th birthday.

Harry and Meghan have a weakness for Africa

The two of them have special ties with Africa. Prince Harry had spent a gap year in Lesotho in 2004 when he described it as his “second home.” More recently, he and Meghan Markle had been to Botswana in 2017.

It seems Harry proposed her in Botswana and the center diamond of her engagement ring is from here. Moreover, she enjoyed her first ever wildlife safari also here.

They have shared photographs of that trip with their fans via Instagram. During their stay in Botswana, they extended assistance to a person who is engaged in protecting the population of elephants by keeping track of their movements.

Prince Harry is the Commonwealth Youth Ambassador and he will continue to fulfill that role.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that one reason for movement to Africa doing the rounds is the growing popularity of the royal couple.

Those in authority want to harness that energy and make it productive. Royal insiders agree that they are “very different people.” This is as it should be because before her marriage to Harry, she was an American actor while Harry flew fighter planes and both of them love their independence.

Exploiting the rock star status of Meghan and Harry

According to Metro UK, the Commonwealth plans to rope in Meghan and Harry and exploit their rock star status to support good causes via charity work. They would also have to promote Britain and to do this effectively, they could move to Botswana, Malawi or South Africa. It is not immediate but could happen early next year after the baby arrives and they get accustomed to the new lifestyle as parents. They have already shifted residence to Frogmore Cottage in Windsor and want to maintain a distance from wagging tongues.