By imposing a ban on plastic water bottles, san francisco International Airport has taken a positive step to reduce plastic waste. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance and remains an eyesore in the surroundings for centuries. It destroys the Environment and is a threat to animals, birds and marine lives. Therefore, the initiative taken by the airport authorities is praiseworthy. They want to earn the label of “the world's first zero-waste airport by 2021.” Plastic has entered all walks of life, spread like a disease and people must be made aware of the dangers. They must switch over to alternatives to save the planet.

CNN reports that air travelers who want to drink in the airport must go to the water fountains, or carry their own water in reusable bottles. Alternatively, they can buy bottles approved by the airport which is going all-out to set an example of controlling plastic waste by enforcing strict measures.

It is a step-by-step procedure

Earlier this year San Francisco International Airport moved away from a range of single-use-plastic like food-service ware and utensils. Now the focus is on plastic water bottles because of its sheer volume.

On average, nearly 10,000 water bottles are sold daily and it adds up to 4 million annually. The ban imposed would remove this huge volume of waste from circulation. It would be a major achievement. A single plastic bottle might take from 450 to 1,000 years to biodegrade. This is the view of scientists.

CNN adds that travelers can carry empty disposable plastic water bottles and fill them from the designated water filling points.

The ban is not applicable to bottles of flavored drinks, such as soda, iced tea, coffee, and juice. Microplastics enter our bodies through food and drinks. The complete health impact of such ingestion is yet to be established but some of these are small enough to merge with our tissues. That could lead to serious health issues.

The new concept of reducing plastic waste

According to Daily Mail UK, the new concept of San Francisco International Airport to reduce plastic waste by banning single-use plastic water bottles is welcome. As a result, travelers would have to carry their own refillable container or buy an alternative. There are many touch-free Hydration Stations with water from authentic sources.

The ban is applicable to all food outlets, newsstands, and lounges. Vendors can sell the existing stock until they are exhausted. As of now, it does not apply to airlines flying through SFO, or on juices, sodas and hot beverages. This is because of the non-availability of alternative containers. The airport has already introduced a measure to save the environment by cutting back on straws, lids, and cutlery. These are now available on request or at self-service kiosks.

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