There are no roads in Utqiagvik and the only link with the outside world is by air. In spite of this, it is becoming an important Travel destination. Alaska's an attractive destination and tourists come to this city to take in the sights of roaming polar bears. On one side it has the flat arctic tundra, while on the other side it has the Arctic Ocean for company. The population of the city is 4,438. It's difficult to imagine how such a location could attract tourists but it does.

Escape AU mentions that the airport is the city's lifeline because it gets its vital supplies by air.

These include basic necessities like food and medicine. People use the flights to move from place to place because there are no roads as such. During summer when the ocean unfreezes, ships bring in bulky items like vehicles or material required for construction. The previous name of Utqiagvik was Barrow. However, the new name was assigned to honor the Inupiat tribe that lived here for centuries. The city is now their cultural center.

Attractions of Utqiagvik

The city is home to a wide variety of wildlife.

These include seals, whales, polar bears, and reindeer that are common sights and attractions for tourists. Locals rely on hunting and fishing to meet their day-to-day needs for food. The city has normal amenities required for living. There are restaurants that serve reindeer soup. Some tour operators are exploiting this travel destination and have identified it as an Arctic adventure tour.

It provides opportunities to observe wildlife from close quarters.

Escape AU cautions that tourists must come prepared with winter clothes to face near freezing temperatures during summer.

Winter lasts for around half the year and from November until January, the city of Utqiagvik has to adjust to long periods of darkness. This is due to the position of the sun. One can see the Northern Lights from here. On the outskirts, there is a structure of the jawbone of a whale. It is on the shore and is symbolic of the relationship between the city, the sea, and whaling.

Tourism in Alaska

According to Travel and Leisure, Alaska for the first timer feels far away from home. There are wild coastal plains, towering snow-capped mountains, and glacier-rimmed fjords. Cruising is an important and popular method of traveling through the state. The month of May is ideal because of reduced crowds, lower fares, and better wildlife viewing.

June boasts of the longest daylight hours, while July has the warmest temperatures. It is also the ideal time to see humpback whales. In fact, the period May through September is the busiest time of year for tourism in Alaska. Those who love to go to exotic locations could include this northernmost state of America in the itinerary and give it a look-in.