The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are determined to stay away from those who want to interfere in their lives. The royal couple has made it clear that they want to live on their terms. Therefore, they have selected godparents for son Archie from among their circle of friends. They preferred them rather than Celebrities. This is because these friends attended the wedding and their children were bridesmaids and pageboys. The selection reveals that Meghan and Harry want to chart their route through life independently. Those who criticize them start to realize that they are different from other royals and have their own priorities.

Daily Mail UK reports there would not be any photo ops at the venue of the christening at Windsor Castle on Saturday. TV cameras will not be there to record the arrival of the royal family. Their own photographer will be responsible for taking photographs and the basic intention is to ensure privacy.

Baptism of Archie

Buckingham Palace confirmed that the Archbishop of Canterbury will baptize Archie Harrison. The ceremony will be a small one with about 25 people, and private.

Among the invitees are Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The Queen is not likely to be there because of her previous commitments. The venue will be at Windsor Castle on Saturday, July 6. Identities of the godparents have not been disclosed as desired by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

However, the couple’s photographer will be the one who was associated with their wedding photos. There is no royal title assigned to Archie, and his parents want to keep him out of the attention of the media. They have been doing it from the beginning and will want to continue the trend.

Daily Mail UK clarifies about the godparents.

Meghan’s friend Benita Litt could be a godmother. She is from Los Angeles and Meghan was godmother to her daughters who were bridesmaids at the royal wedding. They have close bonds. Another possible godmother could be Lindsay Roth also from the United States who now lives in London. Meghan was her bridesmaid. As far as Harry is concerned, he also will delve into his coterie of friends.

Archie’s apparel for the occasion

According to Express UK, the christening of a member of the royal family follows a certain tradition. Baby Archie will wear a lace gown, which is a special one. All his cousins wore it during their baptism and it has a historical significance. Queen Victoria commissioned the gown for the baptism of her first child in 1841, it was worn by 62 royal babies and was in service for 163 years.

Five of the babies became monarchs. The gown was retired in 2004 and the Queen’s granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor was the last royal who wore the original. Now, they wear a replica dress, which was created by craftsmen from Britain and Italy on the lines of the original lace gown.