Forest fires have devastated acres of vegetation in America and these are thought to relate to Climate change. Therefore, farmers set loose hungry goats on the countryside. They devour the grass and other such items and ensure that fires do not spread. The wildfire season is fast approaching in the western parts of the country and the four-legged animals are necessary to manage the incendiary lands. These animals tirelessly munch away at the dry, fire-ready grasses. In some places, there are restrictions on entry of livestock within city limits.

In such cases, there are modifications to local ordinances to clear the way for the goats. They help to create breaks in the grassy terrain to prevent the wildfires from spreading.

The Guardian explains that California has always faced the threat of wildfires. Deadly fire seasons in the area led local communities to evolve solutions to arrest these fires. They now prefer hungry animals to protect their lands instead of machines and chemicals. Goats are not new to helping arrest the spread of fires. They have already proved their usefulness in coastal communities.

Use goats to stop spread of forest fires

It is the cycle of life.

During the rainy season, there is a growth of vegetation. These dry up in summer and when coupled with strong winds, lead to forest fires that destroy acres of grasslands. Experience has shown that goats are man’s best friend in such a situation. Coastal California has been relying on them for over 15 years. It is a lucrative business opportunity for those who own these animals.

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The risk factors are less in comparison to herbicides or fuel-powered mowers.

The Guardian reveals the advantages of using goats to arrest spread of forest fires.

They do not affect the natural ecosystems or scare away indigenous animals. They merge with the surroundings and become an integral part of it. Laguna Beach has been relying on them for the past two decades. As its fire marshall Jim Brown says - “It’s a way for us to try to protect the community at a cost that the community can afford.” This is borne out by statistics. It seems the cost to clear one acre by a human crew would work out to around $28,000 but a goat crew would cost hardly $500.

Goats are proving their worth

According to Bloomberg, firefighters in California are teaming up with goats to help prevent deadly wildfires from devastating the state. In Ventura, deploying goats to trim vegetation has been going on for about five years.

The county’s fire department plans to release hundreds of the animals north of Los Angeles. They would devour the dead brush that could become fuel for forest fires. In the opinion of the authorities, goats are very effective tools to remove vegetation that could aggravate the situation. Firefighters across the state want to reduce chances of fires that can destroy properties and take lives.