Incidents of wildfires in California are on the rise and most of the major fires have happened in the last two decades. These could be attributed to Climate change and the creation of a base for more hot and dry weather. That will in turn, make the state more vulnerable to wildfires. The authorities have accepted that climate change is the single factor that accounted for the majority of the forestland devastated by Wildfire since the mid-1980s. The US National Climate Assessment has gone on to project that areas under wildfires could increase twofold by 2050.

CNN reports that using goats can help to check the devastation of wildfires. Actually, the logic is simple. These animals are voracious eaters and can create firebreaks with ease by devouring the small trees and shrubs. Such a situation can prevent wildfires from spreading from trees and plants to homes and businesses. This system is gaining acceptance. Deploying goats to help prevent wildfires across California and other western states in the country is the new norm.

The scheme is catching on

Nevada City is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Senum is its vice mayor and she wants to save the city from the wrath of wildfires. She knew that getting grants from the government was a long drawn affair so she launched a crowdfunding campaign. The name of the fund was appropriate. It was “Goat Fund Me.” Its purpose would be to rent goats and use them to create firebreaks that will act as barriers and check the spread of fire.

A number of goat companies have emerged who are willing to rent out their animals. These can eat eight to 10 lbs of food every day and if deployed in a planned manner can be effective.

Human herder and guardian dogs accompany the animals to protect them from local predators and the goats clear the vegetation in an eco-friendly way. CNN goes on to add that the response to Goat Fund Me has been "amazing." It has reached $26,000 of its $30,000 target.

Goats are not costly

According to the Los Angeles Times, goats are not too costly. The cost of booking a herd works out to be from $500 to $1,500 an acre. A group of 200 animals can plow through an acre of land daily. In the opinion of a local rancher near Nevada City, a team of at least 1000 goats will be required for at least six months “to reduce the threat of fire.” They should graze on both city and private properties. Incidentally, using goats has been in Laguna Beach for decades.

The goats feast on the vegetation to reduce the threat of brush fires.

California has been in the grip of wildfires which are attributable to climate change. Goats are short-term measures for small areas. There must still be an emphasis on tackling the root of the problem. In other words, the authorities still need to try and reduce the CO2 effect by eliminating fossil fuels and increase the green belt because greenery helps keep the surroundings cool and binds the soil.