California is the most prosperous state in America and los angeles is one on the major cities in the state. However, it faces a major issue with regard to its population of the Homeless. There are specially designated areas meant for them but some of them occupy the space in front of houses or businesses. That has forced the owners to innovate. They have reciprocated by installing fences or by placing obstruction in the form of boxes of dirt or by planting thorny plants. In spite of taking such actions, the homeless continue to pour in and sleep on the streets.

Daily mail UK reports that the presence of these homeless people has adversely affected numerous businesses in Los Angeles. This is because the presence of tents on the pavement that drives away potential customers. As a result, some of the affected have introduced innovations to prevent encroachment by the homeless.

The problem must be resolved

The city fathers in Los Angeles probably need to evolve a long-term solution to the problem of the homeless because it has humanitarian undertones.

Individuals are trying to work out short-term solutions like the fences and the planter boxes with thorny plants but the administration should help come up with permanent solutions.

Daily Mail UK goes on to add that the authorities revealed that last month the number of such people living in Los Angeles County were around 59,000.

More than half (nearly 36,000) were in the smaller city of the LA area. The estimates of City Hall are that three-quarters of the homeless occupy the streets and open areas. It is possible that high rent forces people to opt for alternatives. It seems those who do not own houses have to shell out nearly 41 percent of their income towards accommodation.

Whatever be the reason, the fact remains that there are people in the city who do not have a home. Society some need to devise a system to accommodate them.

Barriers are temporary solutions

According to Fox News, the issue of homeless people in Los Angeles is a complex one. Their numbers are on the rise and home and business owners are reportedly introducing obstructions to ensure that the homeless do not sleep in front of their property. Many of these obstructions have appeared on public property and those who have done this have not taken necessary permission from the authorities. An official has confided that “In general, a lot of things people have [put] in the public right of way aren't permitted.” Some business owners have informed a section of the media that the homeless leave the streets filthy and can be dangerous to their property. The solutions property owners came up with are only temporary solutions, the real problem is more complex. As a resident says. “You can’t address [homelessness] by pushing people around.”