The world perceives an official outing with Queen Elizabeth II as the yardstick of regal approval. In the case of Meghan Markle, it came less than a month after her wedding to Prince Harry in May last year. However, for Kate Middleton, it was an eight-year wait. They had attended unofficial events together but Kate had her first official outing with the Queen on the occasion of opening the Bush House at King's College London.

News AU reports this outing of Kate with the Queen sends out a clear message that Kate is the granddaughter-in-law who will inherit her legacy.

When Meghan Markle entered the royal family the Queen took her along with her on a train journey through the English countryside. Her intention was probably to understand the newcomer better and it showed her weakness for the American actor.

Meghan Markle is more popular than Kate Middleton

Queen Elizabeth II is in her 90s and loves both her granddaughter-in-laws. However, the popularity graph of Meghan Markle has always been several notches higher than that of Kate Middleton. The opening of the Bush House at King's College London was an official event and the Queen took Kate along with her because she could ultimately wear the crown. It is strange that Kate had to wait for eight years to get an opportunity of an official outing with the Queen while Meghan got one within a month of her marriage.

Meghan had come from a totally different background and her concept of the world was one of freedom. She did adjust to the requirements of the British royalty and continued to hog the limelight due to her involvement in various activities.

News AU says she had a highly successful tour with Prince Harry to Australia and the Pacific. Then there was the announcement of her pregnancy followed by the costly baby shower. The bottom line was her passion to live the moment and be an agent of change. She has charmed all those who she has met at various forums and her entry into the British royal family has been all about making a difference.

Harry and Meghan pay tribute to victims of NZ shooting

According to Fox News, Meghan Markle is in an advanced stage of pregnancy but visited the New Zealand House in London with Prince Harry to pay tributes to the victims of the massacre in Christchurch. The royal couple laid down flowers at a makeshift memorial and signed the condolences book. The Duchess of Sussex wore special earrings that had been given to her by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern when they visited New Zealand in October 2018.