Any first-time mother is always in tension during childbirth. She usually wants to have someone close to her at the critical moment who can extend necessary psychological support. The companion could be her own mother or some other woman whom she trusts.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are expecting their first child in April and preparations are on in full swing to welcome the next royal baby. At this critical juncture, Meghan Markle, the would-be mother, has hired a birthing partner to be at her side.

India Today reports that a section of people interpret this latest act of the Duchess of Sussex as another example of her breaking the royal tradition.

The birthing partner she hired is a professional who does not have any medical background but who will be there to lend emotional support to the mother during and after her pregnancy.

The Duchess has to assert herself

The fairytale romance and wedding of Meghan Markle an American actor and Prince Harry of the British royalty is now history. Meghan is now a member of the British royal family and has adapted to it with ease. She and Harry are expecting their baby in April and with no close relatives or friends besides her, she decided to avail the services of a birthing partner and landed in another controversy.

This woman will be present in the room along with the midwife and Prince Harry. Her responsibility will be to provide company to Meghan during the crucial period.

In the words of a royal insider – “Meghan is focused on calm and positive energy around the birth - she's a big believer in that."

The birthing partner will most probably be Lauren Mishcon, a 40-year-old and mother of three.

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India Today goes on to add she has visited the pregnant Duchess several times and is trying to explain to Prince Harry on how best to interact with Meghan during her childbirth.

Meghan Markle has to fight at every step

According to The Cut, the entry of Meghan Markle into the life of Prince Harry has seen the media unleash constant attacks on her.

These dealt with the past life that she has been trying to forget. Prince Harry’s father Prince Charles is positive about his daughter-in-law Meghan. She is believed to have helped strengthen the bonds between Harry and his father. Moreover, she is the Queen’s favorite as seen in a video of most memorable moments of 2018.

Meghan has arrived from a different culture. In order to be one with the British royal family, she has sacrificed many of her likes and embraced a new set of values befitting that of the royalty. She wants to help usher the monarchy into the modern era, but a section of the media keeps hounding her and she has to fight at every step.