Idaho's getting serious about Climate change. World leaders met in Paris in 2015 and signed an accord on climate change. The objective was to contain global warming due to greenhouse gas because it leads to unnatural weather patterns. These are responsible for the largescale loss of lives and properties including infrastructure. There was a realization that fossil-based fuels generate CO2 that contributes to the greenhouse gas effect and use of such fuels must end.

Daily Mail UK reports about the decision of Idaho to replace coal with Renewable Energy.

The state's options are hydroelectricity, solar, energy and wind power and it has set for itself the target as 2045. Idaho Power, the state's public utility company, is confident that it can provide total coverage to power needs through alternate sources by the year 2045. The company made a categorical statement that it will no longer depend on energy sources that generate carbon dioxide.

Idaho draws up a plan

Idaho Power has drawn up a plan that should help it to achieve its goal. The company’s President and CEO, Darrel Anderson, feels the goal is attainable. Idaho has three coal-based power plants that meets 20 percent of its energy requirements.

It plans to stop using two of these by 2025 and subsequently shut down the third one. Hydroelectricity accounts for nearly 50 percent of its requirements and it plans to buy the balance from a 120-megawatt solar farm. This farm is not yet ready but the location is identified and the deal will depend on necessary approval from the authorities.

Daily Mail UK adds that coal used to be the mainstay of industries in the US. The importance is now on putting a limit on carbon emissions, and alternative power sources will play a major role.

Greenhouse gases are responsible for global warming that brings with it climatic disorders. Hence, fossil fuels must make way for renewable energy that is clean.

Idaho could set a trend in renewable energy

According to NPR, Idaho Power is confident of supplying its customers with clean energy. They will not depend on fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide. The company has drawn up a broad plan to eliminate coal in a phased manner. President and CEO Darrel Anderson said - "We believe this goal is attainable." Idaho Power caters to more than half-a-million customers. Incidentally, Idaho could explore another option, namely nuclear power. A reactor in the state generated electricity from nuclear energy in December of 1951. The bottom line is to say goodbye to fossil fuels and save the world. The sooner, the better as far as Idaho is concerned.