The US-Mexico Border Wall is once again in the news. US Customs and Border Protection and the military have installed razor-sharp concertina wire fencing in Nogales and the City Council has condemned it. The Council feels it poses a grave danger to citizens because it is lethal and within easy reach of kids. The resolution passed by the Council says such wires are “only found in a war, prison or battle setting.”

Daily Mail UK reports the population of Nogales is about 20,000 people. This is much less compared to its "Mexican counterpart." However, the economy of the US side depends on Mexican shoppers who Travel for business because of cross-border trade.

Moreover, illegal crossings in that area have reduced considerably in the recent past. Hence, the fencing is superfluous. Mayor Arturo Garino wants the fencing removed and threatened to take action if it remains.

Use of concertina wire criticized

President Donald Trump had promised during his presidential campaign to build the US-Mexico border wall. He said it will stop entry of illegal migrants, drug smugglers, and unwanted elements into the country and would be in keeping with his slogan of “Make America Safe.” However, Congress is not sanctioning the funds and it led to a record-breaking 35-day government shutdown.

The president revealed in his State of the Union address that he has given orders to troops to prepare for a “tremendous onslaught” and Nogales is one area where the Army troops intensified their work using the deadly material.

Daily Mail UK adds Mayor Arturo Garino says this fencing is not aesthetic, neither is it conducive to a "business-friendly" community and travel in the region.

Incidentally, incidents of illegal crossings have reduced to a large extent because of intensive patrolling and the administration could review the need for a border wall.

Mexico border wall and the controversial wire

According to the Guardian, US soldiers positioned at the border have installed concertina wire fencing at several places and in late November, the military had sent 36 miles of the material for this purpose.

This is as per the authorities of the US Customs and Border Protection. Controversy has erupted in Nogales, a city divided by the wall.

Its city council has raised an objection and wants it removed on priority because these are useful in battlefields and should not find a place in civil life. Instances of illegal crossings in the area have dropped steeply in the past several years and such inhuman measures could have repercussions.

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