Five close friends of Meghan Markle have opened up about the “Suits” actor who is facing global bullying. She was a Hollywood star and made a name for herself in the TV drama but, she has gradually moved away from the past. Today she is the Duchess of Sussex who married Prince Harry and became a part of the British royal family. She is now in an advanced stage of pregnancy when it's best that a mother-to-be leads a life free from worries and tension. However, bullies are at work to deny her that private space. Some of them are media persons, others are members of her family.

Express UK reports that five closes friends of Meghan Markle have tried to help her out of this situation.

They want to remain anonymous and their intention is to erase the negatives that surround her because of the bullies. They want to reveal her true image and show her in the proper perspective.

Meghan Markle embraced a new lifestyle

The media has tried to show up the Duchess of Sussex as an individual who is difficult to get along with but her friends do not agree with this. They have disclosed many unknown aspects of her life that paint a totally different picture of her commitment to a set of values. As one of the friends admits, per, “She has a firm understanding of the things she can and can’t control.” A second friend, one of her co-stars, is worried about her baby. In her opinion, expectant mothers should be free from emotional trauma.

The group of friends also talked about Meghan Markle’s strained relationship with her father and half-siblings that keep adding to her tensions.

She is a pillar of patience

As the Duchess of Sussex, she has to follow certain protocols and one of these is to stay away from social media. That is not easy for a woman who comes from an alien culture but she has adapted to such a lifestyle and the smile never leaves her face.

She has a way with people and released a cookbook that contained recipes prepared by women to show their empowerment.

She might be pouring her heart out in private to Prince Harry, her husband. He was a fighter pilot and she was an American actor but they found common ground and married.

Vanity Fair adds that in the absence of any suitable platform to air her views, she opted for the option of avoiding comment. That is probably the reason why five of her close friends, her inner circle, decided to go public and speak to a magazine to set the records straight.

They waited for nearly two years before they decided to break the silence. They want to raise awareness about Meghan Markle, a victim of “global bullying.”

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