Vibrant colors, rhinestones, glitter, paint, nail polish, and wedge heels. These are the ingredients that created artist Meagan J. Meehan’s debut “Fancy Footwear” series of custom-made shoes. The first line in the series is the “Bejeweled and Bedazzled Collection” which is comprised of seven pairs of shoes that are directly inspired by Meagan’s most famous seven-piece art collection of the same name.

Shoes inspired by fine art

Like the artworks that inspired them, every pair of shoes prominently features the colors of black and white which are accented by gold and silver elements.

Yet each pair of shoes also features a dominant color—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink—that makes the pair truly pop. The patterns on each shoe also correlate to the patterns on the piece of art for which they were created.

The shoes first premiered publicly at a “Mr. Great Fashion Show” at the Sky Room nightclub in Manhattan on October 18, 2018. A week later, on October 25, the shoes were featured in a second fashion show at the HGU Hotel. Both events were extremely successful.

“I was delighted by the outcome of the shows,” Meagan stated in an exclusive interview on November 1, 2018. “It was absolutely surreal to see the models walking on the runway with my shoes, but also wonderful.

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The shoes were very well-received, the models really liked them and wanted to wear several different pairs to take photos in!”

Wearable sculptures and future collections

Meagan is actively seeking a company who will mass produce the designs. However, in the meantime, she is willing to custom-make the shoes for $250 per pair.

She can recreate any pattern using any colors of the patron’s choice.

A writer, artist, curator, and teacher, these shoes mark Meagan’s first foray into the fashion industry as a designer. However, given the positive feedback, she has received, it likely will not be her last.

“I’m already planning to make some purses and jewelry to go along with the shoes,” Meagan stated. “I’m also looking forward to wearing these first seven pairs. Now that the fashion shows are over, I can enjoy them myself. I love seeing people’s reactions when I walk by wearing them. I am also considering designing a line of shoes for children.

"Like my art, my shoes are bright and colorful and joyful. If you look at them, stop, stare, and smile then they have done what I intend all my creations to do.”

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