It was a lucky escape for a 53-year-old woman who crashed her car in the Arizona desert and managed to survive until members of the Department of Public Safety rescued her. She was traveling alone and lost control of her vehicle when she was near Wickenburg. It crashed into a 50-foot ravine and landed on top of a mesquite tree. If it had landed on the ground, the story might have been different but she was fortunate. The car remained hanging above the ground.

The Independent UK reports that she survived for six days on grass and water in the Arizona desert.

She did not lose her focus on getting out of the situation. She was injured and the injuries were serious but she did not lose hope. Ultimately, people belonging to the Department of Public Safety happened to come along and they rescued her.

She got a second life

In normal circumstances, a car crash of this nature would have been fatal but the mesquite tree played a vital role in saving her life.

The woman suffered serious injuries and was unable to get out of the car for days. She ate grass to survive and finally mustered up sufficient courage to leave the car and began to make her way towards the nearby railway line but collapsed after about going some distance.

Fortunately, a couple of men of the Arizona Department of Public Safety who were working in the area noticed a break in the fence near the road and on further checks discovered the wreckage of the car.

They decided to investigate and saw footprints leading away from the vehicle. When they began to follow the footprints, they came across the woman. She was severely dehydrated, had broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder, and a head injury. They summoned a helicopter and airlifted her to a hospital.

Luck was there with her

The date was October 12 when the woman lost control of her car and crashed on the rain-slicked US Route 60 near Wickenburg, Arizona.

She and her car landed on top of a tree and she survived until rescuers found her on October 18, a week after the accident. NBC News says that her rescuer was a local rancher David "D.J." Moralez. It seems on that day, a state Department of Transportation (ADOT) crew was working in the area corralling a cow, when Moralez happened to be driving by. He spotted his brother in the crew and stopped for a chat. As they began to part ways, they noticed a hole in the fence that made them curious and finally led them to the woman in the Hassayampa riverbed.

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