Jeremy Wechter cut his teeth on a webcam short in 2007. Ten years later he took the idea from the short and fleshed it out to feature-length, with “e-Demon” being the result. The film, which receives a theatrical and VOD release this September, tells of a computer virus that plays with the lives of those who use the technology its hidden within.

Jeremy Wechter discussed this film, his career, and more via an exclusive interview on September 3, 2018.

Filmmaking, horror, and plots

Meagan Meehan (MM): How did you get into filmmaking, secure your big break, and get paid for your work?

Jeremy Wechter (JW): I started out in the visual arts and went to art college. I took a video class and liked the moving image, so I transferred to NYU film school, and I’ve been pursuing movie making ever since. Just as Lady Bird gave herself a name, I gave myself my “big break” by being proactive and figuring out how I could produce a movie with very limited resources.

MM: How did "e-Demon" come to you and can you tell us a bit about the plot?

JW: I directed a webcam short movie back in 2007. So, I reversed engineered the idea for a feature based on what I was able to produce in terms of resources, location, equipment, cast, and crew.

And then I really loved the idea that emerged: A supernatural being who used to technology to control humans. The fascinating and defining feature about this particular demon is its ability to possess multiple people at once.

Some say it can possess thousands at once. It has the amazing ability to utilize the memories, skills, emotions and physical abilities of the host body. This is the key to the "e-Demon’s" manipulative nature.

“e-Demon” is a creepy, entertaining horror movie about a group of college friends reconnecting via video chat. They’re having fun drinking and reminiscing when one of them plays a prank and accidentally releases a clever demon that had been trapped for centuries.

The great, great, great, great grandmother of the prank player was a witch who saved humanity and was ultimately killed during the Salem Witch Trials.

Now that this demon has been released into the modern era, it discovers it can use technology to manipulate and divide us. And since this demon can possess multiple people at once, the friends must determine who they can trust in order to survive the night.

Stories, movies, and entertainment

MM: Was the screenplay inspired by stories you’ve read and are you a big fan of grounded horror thrillers?

JW: Nope. Although since I wrote the screenplay, there have been more and more news stories about mysterious evil forces manipulating and dividing us with technology. My fondness for grounded horror/thriller Movies has only grown since making “e-Demon.” I’ve enjoyed everything from “A Quiet Place” to “It Follows” to “The Babadook” to “Get Out” and beyond.

MM: What do you regard as the most awesome thing about being in the movie industry and where do you envision your career going from here?

JW: It’s been really gratifying to reading so many glowing reviews about "e-Demon." People really seem to be engaged for the entire creepy, rollercoaster ride from the humorous moments to the quiet dread of suspense to the visceral shock as the "e-Demon" possesses more and more people. In the ideal world, I will be writing/directing movies with mid-sized budgets, or serving as showrunner on a well-received show or working in screenplay development or any combination of the above.

MM: Have you any advice for newcomers who are looking to break into entertainment?

JW: My advice would be to work two tracks at once. The first track is learning about the industry and network. If you hate networking, then you can do it from your computer to an extent, but meeting people in person helps. The second track is continually improving your craft, so when the opportunity arises, you know what you are doing. And if all goes well, you will get the chance to engage, enlighten, and entertain others with your creativity.

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