Independence Day is just around the corner on July 4. One of the top google searches right now is about where to acquire sparklers. But authorities are cautioning people about using them as kids can be hurt when using sparklers. Connecticut News 12 reported that Robert Smith of the fire department in Fairfield says sparklers burn at a very high temperature. Bear in mind that sparklers burn at about "1,200 degrees Fahrenheit." He compares that to water which boils at "about 212 degrees."

Smith noted, "if you've ever gotten a scald burn from a hot cup of water, it's significantly hotter than that.

So it [sparkler] can cause a third-degree burn very quickly."

Sparklers are loved by children for their pretty colors

Some places have banned the use of sparklers. Children love them as they are so pretty, but doctors are the ones who often have to deal with badly burned kids. According to a report by Newsday, there won't be any sparklers on Long Island. Nassau and Suffolk counties have banned the use of sparklers for the Fourth of July. They quoted John Murray a firefighter with 50 years of experience as saying, "Sparklers look so innocent, but they aren’t.” In fact, he noted that only trained people should touch any sort of fireworks.

The decision to ban sparklers was made over concerns by the fire service, the medical fraternity, and volunteer firefighters. Dr. Steven Sandoval of the Stony Brook University Hospital Burn Center said that “All it takes is a second to have a second-degree burn," Newsday noted.

Sparklers often hurt kids on Independence Day

Apart from the dangers of children getting burned by sparklers, over in Nassau, Steven Klein pointed out that people should also consider that fireworks that are not stored correctly can pose a danger as well.

They can be dangerous to people who try and use them, and also pose an extra danger for firefighters attending a fire.

IN 2017, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission brought out a report about sparklers and the danger to children. The 2016 figures in the month of the Fourth of July celebrations showed that nearly "one-third of those injured" were children.

Check on the legality of using sparklers in your area on Fourth of July

It is best to check with your local counties and towns to make sure you can legally buy sparklers. In places like Long Island, selling sparklers could land you in jail for around two weeks and a hefty fine can be levied on top of that. People who use sparklers can also be fined.

While it's important to have fun and do family things on the Fourth of July to celebrate Independence Day, people are reminded that sparklers pose a fire risk and more importantly, can seriously injure little children.

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