As many people will be preparing for activities on the Fourth of July holiday, there will also be many dangers to consider when using fireworks. These apply to everyone, including kids and pets.

Fireworks have been a staple of the Fourth of July holiday and there is no doubt that many people will buy them at stores around the world. Fireworks have a tendency to start fires or harm customers who buy them. These are just some of the dangers associated with fireworks that people should be aware of this holiday season.

Safety is the top concern for fireworks users

According to ABC, Aden Valdez, a resident of Colorado, lost his fingers and eye during a fireworks accident last year. This prompted him to make a coloring book with safety tips to consider and sold protective glasses to people who need them.

This is just one of the many accidents that happen every year from fireworks. Customers should be cautious when using fireworks and this is one of the many reasons why.

Tips to keep pets safe

According to Fox News, a puppy-raising association called Canine Companions for Independence makes sure puppies are exposed to various sights and sounds. According to Fox News, this ensures a puppy won't develop a negative association with certain sounds.

This is especially helpful during the festivities on July 4, since it can help the puppies detect sounds much better and keep them from being startled by those sounds.

According to a report by Fox News, some tips to keep dogs safe are listed below.

1. Give the dog a lot of exercises, which will cause them to react less to the sounds once the fireworks commence.

2. Don't let your dog walk freely outside, as any surprising sounds may startle them and initiate their fight or flight response.

3. Stay home with the dog as much as possible to be able to distract them from the noisy fireworks.

4. Keep the dog inside during loud sounds. You can set up a crate which should be insulated from sound in order to keep them from hearing the loud sounds.

According to Fox News, the dogs may start to stress by quivering, and, in some cases, yawning or sleeping, if exposed to the sounds. By following these tips, your dog will surely be safe during the July 4 holiday.

While there are dangers to consider on July 4, there is a lot of fun people can still have. Having an understanding of these dangers will make people much more cautious of the dangers of fireworks. This will ensure people will have a safe and happy holiday, this Wednesday, on July 4.

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