"Counting On" fans will be thrilled to know that the Duggar Family announced a new engagement. John David Duggar has chosen Abbie Grace Burnett to be his life-partner. The announcement was made today (Wednesday, July 25), on the Duggar family website. The family seems to be very happy about it and the statement said they were "thrilled to announce the engagement."

According to US Magazine, they've known each other for four years now, but things between them really sparked when they both went to the same church event in Oklahoma.

John David's new fiance has a 'deep love for the Lord'

John David chose the right person to be his wife by the looks of it. The Duggar Family announcement described her as having "a deep love for the Lord." It went on to say that she's a lovely young woman, full of tenderness and compassion." It maybe wasn't necessary to add that the family loves weddings, but they did anyway, writing, "We love weddings in this family and can’t wait for this next one!"

The wedding probably won't be too far off either, as according to People, the couple said, "Now we need to start thinking about a wedding!” They added, "Wow! We are engaged! This feels even more real than before! It was a special moment to share together." The Duggars seldom hang about once the decision is made to get married, but the courtship takes time.

That's so they are sure they really want to stay together. They are also mindful of God's direction in their lives.

New Duggar pairing is an exciting time for 'Counting On' fans

This is an exciting time for "Counting On" Fans. Jinger Duggar just had her baby girl with husband Jeremy Vuolo. That was a moment of joy for the fans of the couple.

Now, there's another wedding to look forward to and most likely new babies in the not too distant future. The couple is so excited as well, and obviously deeply in love. Their statement also said, " We want to spend the rest of our lives together. One of the most amazing things about following Christ is being able to trust Him to direct your path and lead your life."

Duggar explained that courtship is very different from an engagement in their faith and lifestyle.

When they are courting they are really getting to know one another, but when it comes to engagement, it's about making a serious life commitment.

An honest and upright Duggar citizen will be married to his special girl Abbie

John is a constable in Arkansas, and People reminded us that he's a part-time officer with the Tontitown Police Department." He was born in January 1990 and is 28-years old. In Touch Weekly shared that Jill Duggar Dillard posted a photo to her Instagram yesterday, saying that she ran into John and Abbie at a Smoothie King. Fans speculated she caught them without a chaperone. But they probably already discussed their engagement with the family before her post hit the internet.

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