Attaining a new bathroom design can easily be achieved simply by painting and remodeling the existing vanity. By using some lovely paint techniques there is no need to break the budget for an impressive, fresh look.

Paint vanity for new bathroom design

With some patience and work, one can have fun with creativity and paint to make an old vanity new again. Both wood and laminate vanities can be easily reinvented with some stain and paint. To get ready for the décor renewal endeavor it is important to prepare the sink vanity, and any other cabinetry to be painted, properly.

Most important is to remember to remove all hardware before the start of the bathroom design project. After knobs, handles and hinges are removed, sand down the old worn finish. When sanding is completed there are several choices to make the vanity new again.

If it's a wooden vanity, simply apply a clear coat of high gloss polyurethane to showcase the natural grain. Stain or paint with a new color for a totally new appearance. A higher gloss finish is perfect for the bathroom as it makes cleaning easier. A neutral color will work for a calm-transitional or modern look. Add a bold color for new excitement. Choose to paint with two neutral or bold colors by using a contrasting color to paint molding or doors.

Artistic bathroom design statement

Add some whimsy to the decor by using the vanity to make an artistic statement. Decorative painting techniques can turn an old vanity into a beautiful work of art. Faux painting works well to hide uneven and old surfaces. By using faux art to paint one can achieve a truly unique artistic statement for a one-of-a-kind bathroom design.

Easy to follow instructions for rendering a decorative piece can be found online by searching faux painting. Make the vanity the center of a theme for a decorative bathroom design.

Paint a fun geometric design on the vanity in diamonds or a checkerboard pattern. Replicate the pattern on the floor and walls in a tile design.

Add to this by making the vanity doors a focal point to showcase a mural scene. A color from the mural can be brought onto the walls.

Use water-themed inspiration with the vanity design. Paint the bathroom vanity to appear as if fish are swimming within the beauty of an underwater landscape. Then follow the theme by pulling the painted fish off the cabinet and onto the walls. Create a color blocked design reminiscent of nautical flags with the seafaring colors of red, white, blue and yellow. These colors can then be used to create a matching border pattern added to a wall of white tiles.

With the bathroom throne frequently used as a place to catch up on reading, this room is often referred to as the library.

This intellectual theme makes for a great vanity design. Apply pages of books or newspapers to the surface of the vanity utilizing the method of decoupage.

Finish off the newly refurbished center-of-attention with a few coats of high-gloss polyurethane to keep the vanity safe from water. With a small budget and a little elbow grease, the existing vanity can be easily transformed into a new bathroom design masterpiece.

New hardware for renewed bathroom design

Complete the refurbished vanity and bathroom design by replacing old hardware and faucet sets with new, updated decor. Simply adding shiny new hardware to a freshly painted vanity can give the bathroom a brand-new look.

Purchase new drawer and cabinet pulls to replace the old ones.

Search stores and online for fanciful fish handles or pretty glass knobs. Used atop a simple cabinet, the pulls can make an artistic statement all on their own.

New faucet sets will complete the update of the bathroom design. Replace the set for the bath and shower to match the new ones placed for the vanity basin. Whimsical drain stops can be purchased to resemble a starfish or shell sitting in the center of the sink like treasured jewels.

Relish in the pleasure of being creative with the bathroom decor. Paint the bathroom walls to frame, and show off the new vanity. Replace the shower curtain and window treatments to coordinate with the renewed cabinet. Complete the fresh look by adding new towel bars to match the new faucet set. One should take joy in their finished bathroom design.