Summer is coming up and you've spent a lot of money eating out, paying bills, and probably paying back student loans. All of your friends are headed off on exotic adventures across the world and the dreaded question is asked: "What are you doing this summer?" You have nothing planned, no answer, so you probably say: "I'm trying to be spontaneous this year." No need to fear, you can have just as good a time as them, without leaving your backyard.


Before your staycation week, stock up on some of your favorite foods that you don't eat as often as you'd like.

Maybe some shrimp to make a cocktail if you like seafood, and burgers if you're more into the turf vacation. Grab some cheap drinks from your local Aldi's (Winking Owl wine is only $4, but if you're more into non-alcoholic beverages, V8 has some smoothie style drinks like pina colada) and your meal is complete. Try some recipes with food you wouldn't normally try unless you were on vacation at the beach.

Activities at home

  • If it's sunny out, grab your cutest swimsuit and lay out on a beach towel in your backyard, and throw on your favorite Spotify playlist. Don't forget your sunscreen, even though you're not under the beach sun.
  • If tanning isn't your favorite thing to do, relax indoors watching movies with a face mask on (boys included, it's good for your skin).
  • Take a bubble bath with a bath bomb, handmade or not, and watch a movie on Netflix. I'm sure there is some series you've been putting off watching, so spend the entire day binge-watching one of them. If you're staycationing with a friend, spend some time commenting on the movies and putting your own opinion in.
  • Take a nap. Use all the time you can to de-stress and just relax. Push your worries away with some lavender scented soap, and close your eyes. Play some white noise playlists with waves crashing or animals in the woods, to make you really feel like you've left your home.

Picture opportunities

We all know the most important part of a vacation is that precious Instagram picture, so why be limited by your house to not post one?

If you're with a friend, set up a white sheet on the wall, and try on your most extravagant outfits you never have an occasion for. They can take pictures of you, and you can do the same for them. Use props like a glass of champagne, fun sunglasses, and books. If you're tech-savvy, get a green screen and pretend you're far far away.

Even if you are alone, set your phone up with a timer and a burst shot, to get some candids. If you're feeling really adventurous, get a plastic baby pool fill it with water and do some hair flips for your picture. As long as you're confident and look like you're having fun, those European vacations will have nothing on you.