Spotify (the Music Streaming Service) is bringing something new to their fans. Spotify will work with Facebook Messenger to offer a completely new feature. The company revealed on June 21st that users will be able to create group playlists using Facebook’s messaging app.

Spotify group playlists in Messenger

The music streaming service will let a group of friends collaborate with each other to create a perfect mix of songs and tunes to suit everyone’s choices. This ability to create a mix within the Messenger group would be perfect for selecting the music to be played in parties and road trips among a group of friends.

The nifty feature would ensure that all members in a group are satisfied with the music that is being shared.

Spotify claims that this is a new form of music sharing, through which friends can now post a tune or song which they feel would be appreciated by the other members of the Messenger group. The nifty addition to Spotify’s already glorious service would be a welcome sight for fans. No other music streaming company offers similar music sharing service through Facebook’s Messenger.

However, seeing as how the platform is extremely popular among the majority of people, it makes perfect sense for Spotify to introduce this feature. The group playlists created in Messenger would result in more traffic in Spotify’s website and would benefit Facebook as well.

Here's how to create playlists

Creating a playlist inside a group is quite simple. All users will need to do is click on the “+” sign visible on the bottom right hand side inside a group chat. From there select Spotify, and create a playlist of their and their friends liking. After the creation of the playlist, everyone in the Messenger group can add whatever songs they like.

It must be noted that those people who do not have an account on Spotify can also modify and add their preferred songs within the Messenger group.

Spotify’s collaboration with Facebook comes as a result of the social networking companies decision to open Messenger to commercialization. This means, the messaging service can now be used by companies to reach their target demographic.

This has opened up new opportunities for businesses as well as added such exciting features to the messaging app.

It remains to be seen whether the incorporation of Spotify into the Messenger groups will please fans. It is however likely that music lovers on the messaging service will be excited to share their favorite tunes with friends.