Knowing what is in style for this year is a must for many fashionistas. Here are a few new clothing trends that are ready for 2018.

Lilac is in

History seems to repeat itself, no matter the occasion. The 80’s are coming back into style for 2018. It is time to get ready for some pastel colors. Lilac has seemed to be a big hit as the main color for dresses and shirts this year. It is the new pink. Even though it may seem to be a plain color, it is the new thing.

Puffy sleeves

Remember when Princess Dianna wore outfits with puffy sleeves and high-waisted jeans?

Guess what? Those outfits are back! Givenchy has made many outfits worthy enough for work attire that contains slouchy boots and dresses that contain big shoulders. Puff-ball sleeves are even put on cotton blouses for those who do not want to wear a dress.

Knotted clothing

Tie a knot in it and be done with it! Knots are back in style. There is no need to go buy a shirt made to be tied, many designers have created different and new looks so everyone can show off their knots. If you have a shirt that ties around the neck, tie it in a stylish knot in between your bosoms, creating a sexier appeal. Do you have an over-sized shirt? Tie it in a knot, so it fits. Another idea from Glamour that is in style is taking a sweater and wrapping it around your waist.

It portrays a comfort type look.


Candy stripes are not just for the hospital volunteers. Instead, candy-striped clothing is being created for 2018. From oversized button downs to evening wear, pink and white stripes are here. So be ready to see the pink and White Stripes in the mall.

Floral prints

The 60’s are back in 2018 by putting floral print is on everything just about it.

Whether it is a flowered dress, shirt, pants, shorts, a bra, or a pair of shoes, flowers are on it. The difference between the 60’s floral designs compared to other designs has to do with the shapes, sizes, and colors used according to Glowsly.

Polka dots

Polka dots have never really been left out of fashion. If adults were not wearing them, little girls were.

Black and white polka dots of all sizes are back and not just for children. These type of outfits and dresses are on many different runways this year which include Alexandre Vauthier, Carolina Herrera, Blumarine, Rodarte, and Jacquemus claims Glowsly.

Rainbow colors

Dolce Gabbana, Libertine, House of Holland, and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini have created dresses using rainbow patterns. The Unicorn style is in when it comes to fashion. Wearing clothing that contains five or more colors adds more fun to your daily fashion. This is completely the opposite of last year’s fashion trend of using only a particular color of pink. Regardless of the style, you choose to wear, remember to be yourself. Create your own style if you want.