Whether or not you subscribe to beauty hacks or anything Skin care related, face Masks can benefit your state of mind while helping your facial tissue. Face masks are fun to share with friends and some even have animal designs on the sheet masks. They are used to draw out toxins from your pores and exfoliate as well. Other benefits include hydrating, soothing and toning. You might not see the benefits right away, but it can also work as a placebo, giving you peace of mind regarding the stress in your life. From spa days to a stressful week, face masks can improve your day, giving you the little push you need to take on your week.

Types of face masks

  • Clay Masks are usually for people with oily skin and are used to remove impurities without harming the skin.
  • Peel off Masks tighten the skin and increase blood supply. They usually comes in gel or paraffin wax.
  • Thermal Masks warm up the facial tissue and help the skin breathe.
  • Cream Masks are best for people with normal to dry skin and also help moisturize.
  • Warm-oil masks are mostly used in spas and help soften the skin and usually contain almond, olive, or vitamin oils.
  • Natural Masks use plants and herbs and help rejuvenate dry skin
  • Sheet Masks are soaked in moisturizer and help draw out the toxins by being laid on the face with holes for your nose, mouth, and eyes.

Skin types

All of this might seem complicated if you don't really know what kind of skin you have, so here are the main types:


This type is usually classified by excess oil on your skin, causing a shiny look overall.

This can be caused by over-washing as your face will create more oil because you keep stripping away some of the good oil your face needs. With this skin type you need to find a good medium and really work with a good Face Mask to re-establish an equilibrium.


This is found in people who have an oily t-zone (your forehead and down your nose) and dry cheeks.

For this skin type you might want to use two types of masks for the two types of skin on your face.


Similar to combination skin, you might need to take more precautions with skin care as the skin is sensitive to an unbalanced level of moisture and dryness. You need to avoid oil stripping and pore clogging masks, as they will irritate the skin even more.


Age, genes, and your environment can contribute to dry skin and could cause red patches or patches with a scaly appearance. This could also be paired with itchiness, which could make the rashes worse.


This type is the result of clogged pores (with oil or dead skin causing blackheads as well). Exfoliating masks can help rid your face of the dead skin, helping you look healthier and more lively.

Face masks are not just for girls, either. If you care about your skin or just want to have a fun night and relieve stress, throw on a mask, grab some snacks, and watch a movie on the couch.