Raiche Mederick from London, born in 1995 (23 years old), suffered third-degree burns to 70 percent of her body (to her face, her head, her right arm, left leg and her back) in a house fire, caused by accident, at only 18 months old. She had amputated toes on her left foot and she has also had the tips of her left fingers amputated. Her brother(Tyrel), three at the time and she were rescued by neighbors from their home. Throughout Raiché’s life, she has had a number operations. Raiche says that she was bullied in school and that her teenage years were the hardest.

Kids would make fun of her scars, point out the missing tips of her fingers and even pull off the hat she wore to cover up the part where she had no hair.

Saved by a camp

Daily Mail report how one of Raiche's nurses at the time, organized a charity not only to help Raiche but other burn Survivors too. Raiche says that what saved her, was attending a summer camp she went to as a child, a camp set up specifically for young burn victims.

She says she was able to create lifelong bonds at this camp and it inspired her to start her to start her own charity that will support burn survivors. Her purpose in starting this charity isn't just to aid other survivors like her but to provide others with the chance to learn the same lesson she learned.

The lesson being that "What makes us different is what makes us beautiful".

Raiche says it took her time to be comfortable in her own Skin.

Involvement in charity

Raiche is involved in two charities one being "Katie Piper Foundation,” a foundation whose main purpose is to make it easier for people to live with burns and scars.

They also aim and try to create a world where burns and scars do limit people's functions, sense of wellbeing, and inclusion in the world. The other charity she works with is called "The children's burn club." This club not only offers support for burn victims but also for the families of the victims. They help them deal with the altered body image and the burn trauma.

They organize events and encourage peer support amongst support members. The support helps to build the self-esteem and confidence in the burn survivors.

An example to society

Raiche is an example that we cant always control what happens to us in our lives, but we can choose how we go on with life and what we do about it. She shows that it is not easy but possible, no matter how your story begins but you can still do great things in the world and inspire others like you in the same circumstances.