We all have a destiny that is meant to be lived to the fullest, and we all have dreams that need to be built. Sometimes we find ourselves putting a price on our goals, based on many things, resulting in us selling out, giving up, and settling on a life far below our potential. We sometimes as ourselves countless questions, is what we are doing worth it, is this worth fighting for? We must come to the realization that whatever dreams were placed in our hearts and whatever ideas were planted in our minds, they are there for a reason and worth fighting for.

What are you willing to do?

We are consistently presented with challenges and factors while striving to achieve our aspirations. How much pain and long nights are you willing to take?! How many failures and setbacks can you endure?! How many people can you listen to tell you that your dreams are "unrealistic" and tell you that you're going to fail?! The people in your life will only affect your outcome if you allow them too, they are White Noise.

There is no price on your dreams. You would never set a price on your life, so why would you ever set a price on your goals, your greatness and destiny is unparalleled to any hardship that you can endure! This journey will be hard; our success lies in our ability to sustain pain.

The pain that is presented to us in our route to victory is only giving us the strength and responsibility to take the more significant challenges that wait for us in the future. Always remember that nothing worth having is easy to obtain. Whats more painful, discipline or regret?

Is it worth it?

In discipline there's a reward, but with regret you only get guilt.

Life will always be filled with failures, as you get back up and keep moving forward, but failures are much easier to overcome when you're fighting for something you believe in and have a definite conviction for. In regards to the haters and naysayers that doubt your will and capabilities, never listen to them. Our route to success is forged through our ability to block out the white noise that naysayers present.

This is your story! Never allow other people to determine how your chapters are written! There is no excuse for us to not live up to our full potential. You can achieve anything you want in this world. We did not wake up this morning by accident, we were given today and the rest of our lives to harness the greatness that lies within us and see our dreams and aspirations to the end! Never sell your dreams, for everything you want in life lies in your inability to quit.