It was recently announced that online giant Amazon has shortlisted twenty cities across America as potential locations for their next headquarters. From Columbus, Ohio to Austin, Texas, each of these cities could see a rise in economy thanks to their new neighbor Amazon.

To put things into perspective and to consider perhaps the most important aspect of the decision, the folks over at Four Loko have looked into each of these shortlisted cities to identify which is the best for Late Night food. Even billionaires get hungry, especially when they work for a hard-working company such as Amazon, so the availability of 24-hour restaurants is definitely something bosses should be considering.

Using the shortlist of cities, Four Loko ranked each city on a number of different factors including the number of cuisines available, the number of 24-hour restaurants, the average rating of the restaurant on Google, its average closing time, and its transit score (how well a location is served by public transport, on a scale from 0-100).

Cities that are and aren't great for late night snacking

The cities that didn't fare too well, and might give Jeff Bezos something worth re-considering, are Raleigh, North Carolina with a score of just 43, Nashville, Tennessee, and Northern Virginia. The results of the ranking showed that none of the contenders between 20th and 13th place had more than 50 various late night restaurants.

Cities to perform relatively well and make middle-of-the-road on the list include Pittsburgh, PA in 10th place, Austin and Dallas, TX in 11th and 12th place, respectively. These cities offer a higher number of restaurants, medium transit scores, and a variety of choices.

The top five cities were as follows:

  • fifth place: Boston, Massachusetts (78 points)
  • fourth place: Miami, Florida (82 points)
  • third place: Chicago, Illinois (88 points)
  • second place: New York City (90 points)
  • first place: Washington, District of Columbia (96 points)

Why New York or Washington?

Internationally known for its wide variety of cuisines and options, New York City missed out on the top score by a mere six points.

So-so restaurant reviews combined with an earlier average closing time accounted for the "City that Never Sleeps" runner-up position.

The top city for late night eats is the nation's capital, Washington D.C., with an impressive 96 points. The robust transit system combined with the mix of restaurants and positive reviews saw the city rightfully take the top of the ranking.

Could Amazon see fit to make their next HQ in Washington D.C.? Whilst there are, indeed, a number of different factors to consider, it seems like the decision could be made a little bit easier for them if they're going to go off the late night food options for its many staff.

Wherever Amazon 2.0 lands, it’ll surely make an impact on the local economy and culture.