Dexy Leigh Walsh, 23, suffered every parent’s worst nightmare when she discovered her 18-month-old daughter had suffocated overnight on March 6. Dexy Leigh went to wake Connie Rose when she discovered she wasn’t breathing.

Despite desperate efforts to revive her, the baby was pronounced dead by paramedics after they arrived at their home in Dundee, Scotland.

How it all started

Dexy had stuffed the side of her 18-month-old daughters bed with Teddy Bears to stop her from falling out and bumping her head in case she fell down between the mattress and the wall.

According to Daily Mail, it was a normal school morning. Dexy Leigh Walsh went to wake up her other daughter Dior for school when she saw her little girl’s legs sticking out underneath the Teddy Bear. Connie Rose was lying face facing up on the bed but with the three feet teddy bear on top of her. She removed the teddy bear and discovered that her Baby Girl was not breathing.

The 23-year-old immediately started giving her a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) while her sister rushed to phone an ambulance. When the ambulance arrived they also tried to give her a Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR) but unfortunately, it was too late.

The paramedics let her cuddle her for an hour. Dexy kept hoping that her little angel would open her eyes or even grab her.

The 18-month-old Connie Rose was buried on March 21 and mourners released pink balloons into the sky in her honor.

Life without Connie Rose

The 23-year-old Dexy Walsh has set up a Facebook campaign in honor of Connie Rose. The purpose of the campaign is to enlighten parents about the dangers of letting children go to sleep surrounded by their favorite toys.

The young mum shared the heartbreaking incident on the Facebook page she created and it has so far reached 40,000 people. The young mum also advised parents, that babies don’t need anything on their bed when they go to sleep. All they need is a cover and nothing else.

She admits to sleeping beside her only child now, Dior, so she can make sure she’s OK.

Medical advice on the best way to put your child to sleep

Sleep trouble isn’t just an adult problem; kids have trouble getting to sleep, too. And they usually keep their parents up with them. Here are some tips to win the fight and also make sure they’re safe whilst they slept.

  1. Avoid feeding your child big meals close to bedtime, and don’t give them anything containing caffeine less than six hours before bedtime. Never give infants caffeine either.
  2. Baby’s don’t need pillows, toys and teddy bears while they sleep. Always clear the bed before they go to bed.
  3. Know how much sleep your child should be getting. Based on your child’s age, they will require various amounts of sleep.