Harry Styles's connection with Gucci goes way back, and it goes deep. Recently, both the clothing giant and the chart-topping singer agree that there is a need for gun control, as seen by their support for the "March for Our Lives" petition. Gucci reportedly pledged $500,000 to the cause, while the singer signed the petition and encouraged his 31.8 million Twitter followers to do the same. Reports by Footwear News and Billboard provided information for this article.

But are the two giants working on something else together? Rumor has it that the Italian luxury brand has finally decided to make the "Sign of the Times" singer a star in its upcoming advert.

Photos started circulating social media on March 3 about roadblocks allegedly due to Styles' ad photoshoot.

'Kiwi' music video is the sign

The One Direction member, whose solo career sold out concert venues in mere minutes, has been seen in various Gucci outfits even when the boyband was active. The "Kiwi" singer has also been photographed outside of a Gucci store with bags being stowed in the trunk of his car. Styles have also worn numerous Gucci suits for his shows. Even his music video for "Kiwi," which stars children and puppies, much to the delight of fans, has him wearing a Gucci suit that matched his mini-me's suit.

The connection between Styles and Gucci has not been exclusive before, however, as Styles has also been seen in other luxury brands from time to time.

With the rumored advert shoot, it remains to be seen whether Styles will be wearing more Gucci. All we know is one thing: Everyone has been expecting it to happen for some time.

Featuring rumored partner?

Styles' shoot with Gucci will allegedly not showcase him alone, as rumors say he will be seen with his rumored girlfriend, Camille Rowe.

Styles and Rowe had been linked shortly after the release of Style's self-titled debut album, which topped the charts and marked the era of solo One Direction members ruling chart after chart. Fans were quick to dismiss Rowe's involvement with Styles, revealing that Rowe might already be married. Rowe and Styles have been seen hanging out on multiple occasions, which perhaps sparked the rumors in the first place.

Following the trend

In the entertainment industry, it's not a foreign concept to marry fashion and music. Styles is one of many who is associated with Gucci this way. Even Styles' bandmate Louis Tomlinson has been seen in prominent Gucci outfits from time to time. The Netflix show "Dynasty" also features colorful and eye-catching suits from the luxury brand. The trend is international, as well, with BTS member Kim Tae-hyung, commonly known as "V," also expressing a fondness for everything Gucci.

Though BTS has recently been revealed as the global ambassador of Puma, member J-Hope wore the likes of Balenciaga, Valentino, Fendi, and Saint Laurent in his "Daydream" music video. With the deep connection between Gucci and the entertainment industry, we might expect more personalities to be revealed as part of the adverts in the upcoming days.