St. Patrick's Day has always been a day full of green and gold, excuses to day drink, and mostly show your Irish pride - Even if you're only .03% Irish. It's always been one of my favorite "In-between Holidays," amongst Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, and especially Valentines Day. These holidays have one common theme - Binge Drinking!

The socially accepted way to day drink is to use a holiday or event as an excuse. Being Irish, Mexican, or even a believer of Saints are not necessary to take part of these holidays. But you must have some knowledge and culture to enjoy these holiday best.

Here are five ways you can have the best St. Patrick's day.

1. Learn the history of St. Patrick

You might think this one is boring, but in fact, it is extremely interesting. The Patron Saint of Ireland is St. Patrick. He was actually British, not Irish. Shocking, right? He was kidnapped and sent to Ireland. He later escaped and converted into Christianity in France. Shortly after he went back to Ireland and continued to spread Christianity throughout Ireland. St. Patrick died a Bishop and was later named a Saint. Kind of cool to know what you're actually celebrating.

2. Attend an St. Patrick Day parade

St. Paddy's Day parades are very common. It takes up most of your morning but without a doubt a great experience.

Bagpipers float riding down the street, and people are getting together for a great time. This is a great start to a day full of festivities.

At some of these parades, they might have traditional foods and drinks available. This is great if you're not familiar with any Irish restaurants or pubs near you. There isn't a requirement to attend these parades either.

Best of all it's an event that is Free. Grab friends and take advantage of this event.

3. Drink green beer

If you're under 21, try drinking a Shamrock Milkshake from McDonald's. But if you're at the legal drinking age, you have to try the green beer at one point. What is a green beer made of exactly? It's just blue food coloring mixed with beer.

The golden ale, providing a yellow tone, mixed with the blue food coloring made a perfect green tone. It's not every day you get to consume a green drink, so take advantage of this opportunity!

4. Go pub-hopping

This one is great for all ages. If you want to have a green beer tasting, go to different bars to compare and contrast their green beer. If you're hungry, you can try the many meals that are made by different Irish families. Corn beef and cabbage is a traditional dish. Lastly, if you want to get to know more of the Irish culture, typically, different family names own these pubs. Going from pub to pub you'll learn about the different family names, histories, and stories. Drunk or sober you're bound to have a good time.

5. Get in the Irish spirit

Whether it's simply wearing green or watching Galway United play, getting in the Irish spirit is a successful way to celebrate St. Patrick's day. My favorite movie portraying Ireland is Leap Year. I personally love football (soccer) so catching a match is pretty cool. Wearing green isn't cliche. Going to a museum to learn more about the Irish culture is an intellectual approach.

There is no wrong way to celebrate St. Patrick's day. These are ways to enhance your experience. Finding a shamrock or thinking it's your lucky day is only half the experience. Go find your pot of gold. I hope you all get a kiss.