BTS member J-Hope set the tone for his mixtape "Hope World" to be a hopeful rendition of reality, with bold and saturated colors on both the album art and the debut video, "Daydream." When it came to the second music video, however, J-Hope opted to surprise his fans and show the versatility of his style through a more somber theme in "airplane."

Singing about changes

J-Hope's highly anticipated mixtape, which took two years to release because each member of BTS wanted to focus on group projects, has been received with positive praises. Though the songs talk about the rapper's feelings about fame and how his life changed, he put a positive spin on it through the imagery and colorful sceneries.

These things were stripped off "Airplane," which showed J-Hope in various locations, alone and thinking back to his life before fame.

The rhythm of the song is steady, and the tone of the music video is solemn. Viewers will focus more on the message of the song, which is perhaps what the former street dancer wanted. The song talks about J-Hope looking back on his life and talking about the trip to Japan that launched his career with BTS. J-Hope also talks about having traveled by plane for years now, showing just how far life has changed for him and the rest of the group.

Opposite of 'Daydream'

In "Daydream," J-Hope sings about having to set aside some of his emotions for the life he has right now.

Coupled with the catchy pop of colors all throughout the video, the sadder notes of the message are covered with hope, just as the artist intended. The BTS member wants to be a "piece of peace" to listeners, and with "Airplane" already earning almost six million views on YouTube in less than twelve hours, J-Hope is on his way to achieving his goal.

Members of the BTS ARMY were quick to point out that J-Hope's mixtape is markedly different from that of BTS rappers Kim Namjoon (RM) and Min Yoongi (Suga), who have released their mixtapes separately before J-Hope did. Suga's mixtape, Agust D, has recently been dropped quietly on Spotify, as well.

Despite the separate mixtapes, BTS remains a tight-knit group.

J-Hope mentions "Airplane" being a special track which originally features the vocals of the rest of the members, and the singer expressed his excitement on possibly sharing the version with fans.

With the success of J-Hope's "Hope World" videos and the mixtape in general, a third music video might be in the works.