If you follow the sport of powerlifting, as I do, you will have a sea of strong women to look up to. Many people have the mentality that being strong and looking good cannot go hand in hand, but they are wrong. Some lifters compete in powerlifting one week and jump on a bikini contest stage in the next. Although, that is not my point. In a world where society has a view of what is pretty and perfect, which causes confusion and insecurities in people, this sport has taught me a different kind of beautiful that has helped me to develop a healthier mind and body.

What is powerlifting?

It is not a secret or hidden sport but many people do not know a lot about it. Powerlifting is a competitive sport, similar to Olympic weightlifting, where the lifter attempts to lift as much weight as they can in three specific lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift.

Getting strong does not happen overnight. The lifters must prepare slowly by picking the right program for themselves and increasing the weight on the bar appropriately. Learning the right technique is essential for a person's health and chances of placing high in a competition.

The powerlifting community

In this sport, the main competition is not really against anyone else but yourself. People compete, not to necessarily beat everyone, but to do better than they did before and lift heavier weight.

A powerlifting competition is a unique atmosphere, filled with lifters cheering for one another and giving Lifting advice to help others succeed. No matter the results, people continue their support and excitement.

Some strong women

It is good to look up to powerful women who work on making the world a better place for female lifters.

Megan Gallagher, also known as "megsquats" on social media, is a strong supporter of putting a barbell in more women's hands. She likes to promote the sport of powerlifting and strength training. On her Youtube channel, she features some of the strongest women in the industry and encourages viewers to get stronger as well.

Another strong lady and American record holder, who only weighs 114 pounds, is Marisa Inda.

Inda is a mother who is over 40-years-old but still manages to kick serious butt on the competition platform. This also shows that powerlifting is a sport for all ages.

If you look around on Instagram or Youtube, you'll find many more strong women with stories about their journeys.

Getting rid of the negativity

Powerlifting has many health benefits, but more importantly, it changes a person's mindset. If you commit to it, you will notice how disciplined you will become, while getting stronger and fitter.

Women often say "but I don't want to look like a man," and that is a ridiculous comment. Without getting too much into it, male and females are different, physiological differences ensure that women won't look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nevertheless, women can definitely become stronger than men.

Women can do anything they want to. Spread the word and continue to empower women and build them up instead of down.