Meagan J. Meehan is an abstract artist who works with an array of materials. From paint to clay, to wood, metal, toys, and an assortment of “found objects,” Meagan J. Meehan is known for her bright and colorful mixed-media creations that have no defining left, right, up, or down.

Meagan believes that abstract art should be viewable from any angle so that the imagery can be perceived and considered differently depending on how it is situated. Hence, most of her “three-dimensional wall hangings” can be turned 360-degrees when they are mounted on a wall.

Awards for Meagan

Meagan has won numerous awards for her artwork. She has sold several pieces and has been featured in articles and interviews both online and in print via local papers, radio stations, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Although Meagan has been exhibiting her artwork since July of 2009 and has had solo shows in libraries in both New York and New Jersey, she just enjoyed her first official Solo Show in a certified gallery in January of 2018 courtesy of the Demouzy Contemporary Gallery in Rockville Center, Long Island, New York.

From January 13 to January 25, 2018, more than eighty pieces of Meagan’s joyous and vibrantly colored artwork was on display via a solo show titled “Conscious Perceptions.” The featured creations included mixed media paintings, found-object collages, and sculptures.

Meagan's art celebrates happiness, color, imagination, and other cheerful and positive feelings and the opening reception was an incredible success.

“I’m very grateful to the gallery owner, Reine Emeish, who is also a curator and an art consultant,” Meagan J. Meehan stated in a recent and exclusive interview. “Having the opportunity to exhibit my artwork at the beautiful Demouzy Contemporary Gallery was a dream-come-true.

We got a great turn-out, and some of my artwork was purchased.”

The opening reception also featured the theatrical reading of one of Meagan’s poems titled “Cloud Walker” courtesy of a talented young model and actress named Audrey Kang.

“It was wonderful to have Audrey perform my poem in the gallery surrounded by my artwork,” Meagan declared.

“She acted out the words of that free-verse poem so well, and the entire crowd at the event really loved her performance!”

Maagan is also a reputed writer

A published author and playwright as well as an artist, Meagan is also a journalist who frequently writes about the arts via Artblend Magazine, Blasting News, Entertainment Vine, and the Kidskintha Blog. Moreover, she is an Associate Curator at Demouzy Contemporary and an Associate Producer for the Alexander Gurman Show (a popular YouTube channel) who seeks to help other artists strengthen their careers. Yet experiencing her own solo show was truly unforgettable.

“It was tremendous fun,” Meagan proclaimed. “I have exhibitions planned throughout 2018 and 2019 at libraries, restaurants, and community centers, but I’m hoping to have another gallery show one day soon.

For now, I’m just very grateful that my premiere gallery solo show was so successful and I got such nice photos as keepsakes.”

To learn more, Google “Demouzy Contemporary Gallery” and “Meagan J. Meehan” to find links and information associated with the gallery and the artist.