It's an ironic coincidence that the acronym singles awareness day initials equal SAD. It was not that long ago when people believed older singles were not living up to their full potential having neither settled down, nor got married and/or acquired the house, with the two-car garage, the white-picket fence, and a few kids running around. These days, more and more people are choosing to remain single longer. Studies show that there are more late-life marriages today than there were ten or 20 years ago. The average marrying age today is 27 for women, and 29 for men.

Back in the early 90's, it was closer to 23 for women, and 26 for men. In the 1960's, it was 20 years old for women, and 21 years old for men. Not a huge age range, but you can see the ages are slowly going up.

What does that mean for the most romantic day of the year? If you are relationship-challenged like me and don't have anyone to splurge on with chocolates and other romantic treats, it means finding something to do where you won't be surrounded by happy couples staring longingly into each other's eyes over a shared plate of spaghetti! There are plenty of singles-only type parties and get-togethers that you can attend, or you can just throw a little get-together of your own to celebrate your continued freedom.

Celebrate your singleness

If your views on Valentine's Day leans more towards the bitter end, you're not alone. If you're unhappily single, this is the worst day for you and will leave you hating this romantic day. Instead of hating, gather your singles friends together and have some fun! So what if the bars and restaurants are filled with loving couples making googly eyes at each other.

Make them jealous that you're having more fun than they are by getting a group of your single friends together and paint the town red! Dress all in green & black, the unofficial colors of Singles Awareness Day, or just pull out your sexiest little black dress and turn some heads. See if you can find any places that are throwing single themed events.

These days most bars and clubs will prefer to do something for us single folks out there.

Go one step further and join a singles group. There are plenty to choose from depending on your interests. Hiking groups, Game of Thrones groups, writing, photography, sailing, there will be plenty to chose from in your area.

Treat yourself

In many social circles, there will always be someone who is single while the rest of the group is coupled up in one form or another and more than likely going to be spending the day with their special someone. Don't be a third wheel and don't let the fact that, while it may seem like everyone is happy and in a relationship, that's not always true. Book a spa day for yourself and let all of your friends know about it.

You will get more than one jealous response and even get a few friends to join you if you'd rather not be alone.

Tired of being single?

If you're ready to have someone in your life, it doesn't hurt to take action now and sign up for an online dating website. Be careful which sites you go to, sites like Plenty of Fish and Tinder, they are more for hookups and one-nighters. Yes, you can find those looking for something that lasts more than a night or two, but you will have better luck with sites like eHarmony and Match. Their monthly fees are higher and the set up takes longer, but you have the knowledge that those who are doing the same thing as you are looking for something real and not just a fling or two.

So, if you're sitting around in your PJ's with your favorite snack watching romantic comedies wondering when it will be your turn, have faith! Your one true love is out there probably doing the very same thing you are doing. And if the thought of shacking up with someone for the rest of your life scares you like Freddy Kruger appearing in your dreams, don't worry, you're not the social outcast you think yourself to be.