Hennessy, the world’s best-selling Cognac, has always supported the arts, especially hip-hop. Hip Hop and Hennessy go together like white on rice, this high-quality spirit has been mentioned in more hip-hop lyrics than any other drink in history. Unlike some brands, Hennessy is not afraid of partnering with hip-hop, in fact, they embrace the love they receive from the culture and continue to push boundaries. In their latest effort, Hennessy is collaborating with NY Harlem’s own A$AP Ferg and drinks concierge, Cocktail Courier.

Art, Music, and Mixology

In an unprecedented partnership, Hennessy and A$AP Ferg are combining music and mixology with Cocktail Courier. For a limited time, fans of A$AP Ferg and Hennessy can make their own drink. The Hennessy Uptown is a new cocktail featuring Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège. The limited edition drink will be available through the drink delivery service, Cocktail Courier, starting January 17. The Hennessy Uptown inspired by A$AP Ferg cocktail kit includes bitters, a 375ml bottle of Hennessy VSOP, cinnamon syrup, crème de cassis, hibiscus tea, chipotle powder and two lemons. The kit allows you to make eight drinks and the first 100 kits will also include a vinyl of Ferg’s “Family” track.

The Hennessy Uptown cocktail

Inspired by A$AP Ferg and created by Hennessy national brand ambassador Jordan Bushell, the Hennessy Uptown pays homage to Ferg’s hometown, Harlem. It was Jordan’s job to use Ferg’s energy and create a drink that describes his music, and his upbringing. This cocktail mixes sweet and spicy, cinnamon and hibiscus to bring flavor and refreshment.

To make your own Hennessy Uptown at home, combine the following ingredients in a shaker over ice until chilled; 1.5 oz. Hennessy V.S.O.P, .25oz. cinnamon syrup, 3oz. hibiscus tea, and three dashes Angostura bitters. After you shake all the ingredients, pour over ice in a Collins glass and garnish with a lemon wheel, a pinch of chipotle powder, and a smidgen of crème de cassis.

A$AP Ferg and Cocktail Courier

A$AP Ferg is a rapper from NYC’s Harlem neighborhood who started his career with hip-hop collective A$AP Mob. Through his group of rappers, he developed his own sound and eventually began his solo career, which has included hits like "Work (Remix)", "Shabba" and “New Level”. Ferg is now one of the premier artists in Hip Hop.

Cocktail Courier began in New York City in 2014 and expanded to Chicago. CC allows local bartenders to compete monthly for the right to have their cocktails featured. CC delivers crafted cocktails to your doorstep for a party of 4, 6, or 12.